12 thoughts on “British Cruiser Branch Sneak Peek!

  1. When i\’ve read the title, I thought it was about WoT and not WoWS. Then, I saw the picture\’s link into the e-mail…

  2. Hooray, no more \” British deserve to be in game !!!11! Stupid IJN and USN, RN bestest navy ever ! Britannia rules to waves !\” threads twice a day.

    1. Lol totally what I thought.

      Also noone noticed that these are all light cruisers, up to tier x, if i\’m not mistaken.
      That means that there will be realising the RN cruisers already devided into two different branches.

      1. I noticed right away but it took me a minute to process what was going on with that.

        1. Same here, I actually was quit disappointed to see so tiny ships at first, then I thought of the different light cruiser/heavy cruiser branches.

    2. oh there will be, everybody will now start crying \’\’WHERS MUH BB, WG RETARDS, RUSSIAN BIAS\’\’

      1. Not right away though, because ofthe bliss of having the RN.

        Just you wait for when the Russian BBs are released. And they will be. Before the RN.


    1. 1. This is a blog that covers both Tanks and Ships, so, surprise, people do care
      2. Tanks and boats are handled by 2 completely different dev teams

    2. 1. WoWs dev and WoT devs are completely different. They even work in different buildings.

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