Tier VIII of the Week: T-54 First Prototype (EU)

The following offer will be available in the Premium Shop from 12 August at 07:10 until 18 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


T-54 first prototype


This offer is a good opportunity to add an efficient credit-maker to your arsenal.

The Soviet T-54 first prototype is one of the most pleasant premium vehicles you can drive in World of Tanks, thanks to its effective balance of armour protection, firepower and mobility. It’s a good all-rounder, that can adapt to pretty much any situation on the battlefield and remain effective under any circumstances.

The tank comes bundled with a garage slot and 7 days of Premium Account a free bonus!

English & German review by RagingRaptor, our reader:


7 thoughts on “Tier VIII of the Week: T-54 First Prototype (EU)

      1. Well somehow that ‘meh gun’ always manages to frontally penetrate my IS-6, how can you explain that to me? It happens especially often when said crap is going at me on full speed and I’m cautiously shaking my hull to avoid the hit!
        And no, it happens when we are on an even ground, so it is not a turret roof or lower plate hit, also, i check the hits position and it’s always on the frontal plates.

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  1. Thank you again for supporting me :)
    Indeed the tank is fairly mobile for its armor, but the turret is just weak and the gun is really meh. You can Pown as toptier but you get powned as floptier. Which is sad. With SMM this tank would perform so much better!

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    1. WG pretty much fucked itself by removing battletier 12. Prem MM T8’s flooded the MM => non pref T8’s fought with T10 a lot => WG is removing and not adding T8 prem MM tanks => everyone plays with T10 a lot.
      Win/win situation eh? :D


  2. This tank is good but not really good and “most pleasant to drive”.
    This gun frustrates you when you can’t hit shit, mobility is like driving a KV-5 – it can go fast but most of the time it struggles to reach some decent speed.
    Then comes the poor pen and the fact that you can’t flank (most of the time).

    Normal tier 8 tanks won’t have problems penetrating your upper plate and other tanks will still hit your auto pen roof or those view ports (or alternatively get to your sides and behind you).

    It’s exactly the same as the stock T-54 but with MUCH weaker turret.
    Those who played T-54 know how bad it’s stock version is.


    1. OH ! And you only get to carry 32 shells so you better think twice about your loadout.
      And somebody said how he constantly get’s penned in his IS-6… i can tell you from the first hand that you simply can’t pen the IS-6’s upper plate with this gun… but view ports are quite easy.


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