Quickybaby: Where are the Tanks?

Quickybaby reflects on the history and future of WoT – the real reason the playerbase declined is apparently the lack of new content.


49 thoughts on “Quickybaby: Where are the Tanks?

  1. This is – excuse my language – bullshit. The game had constant influx of new tanks for years. And exactly of that influx, the balance could never be fixed and it got to today’s state, where players whine more about balance than about new tanks.

    But really, there is only one reason in decline – the game is a repetition of one thing forever and people get bored and try out new stuff, some sooner, some later. That’s all that is to it and hiding it behind anything else is either hiding or misunderstanding the core concept.

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      1. Each month they should have a different historical battle, with tanks locked to specific HISTORICAL configurations and with all the tanks involved available to those that don’t yet have them during the time the battle is available like a temporary premium. Then afterwards the XP goes to the matching tank in the tech tree. Also they should totally put in an encounter or assault mode for Overlord.


        1. I posted something about this on wotlabs many moons ago.
          You could start on the beach in the top left with M4’s or Cromwells and fight up the beach and up to the top of the cliffs against AI PZ4’s then as you clear that you go up against a Panther or two, finally you fight a Tiger guarding the capture point near the church. Would make an interesting assault historic battle mode.


        2. That doesn’t solve the main problem – that if the historical battles is T-34s vs Tigers, everyone and their mum wants to play Tigers.


      2. Historical battle combined perhaps with Co-Op is important for the game – however the game need a much better game balance with less powerdifference between the tiers to make each match more tolerable even if you don’t get to be the top dog. Also it would be great if low tier vehicles would have a balance making them play a little more like high tier tanks. Basically the 2 things AW did correctly (extra game mode and the ability to enjoy low tier tanks).
        Then ofcourse artilly needs to find its proper place but I really doubt arty scares players away more than a good matchmaking and the re-playablity of lower tier tanks. Why will WG spam us with tier 2 tanks when it’s not fun to play them? No need for sealclubbing but why on earth have 10 tier of tanks if they only want us to play the 3 highest ones?

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    1. Bah, grinding through lines to try out new tanks is the basic common Joe motivation for sticking with WoT. New tanks is ultimately what keeps the gameplay at least a bit fresh, new lines bring the new goals to achieve, playstyles to develop. Do new lines generate power creep? Yes, and that should be addressed. But it’s definitely not a reason to avoid adding them.

      More disturbing thing that QB mentions in that video is the premium/regular tank ratio in last years. Especially with so many of those premiums being OP (for a premium) cash grabs.


      1. Quite few of them were replacement for limited MM premiums, though. If you put those aside, the ratio isn’t that bad.


    2. dont listen to anything this guy says, every post of his is either praising wg or defending wg doing something shitty. he is a paid employee or just an idiot.


  2. That and the lack of alternative game modes that aren’t exclusive to unicums/Tier 10 players. The average player gives zero fucks about clan wars or strongholds, and the last halfway decent game mode was ruined by match rigging…and once again being Tier 10 exclusive. Just once I’d like to see them give lower tier players some game modes they can actually play and enjoy…preferably broken up into Tiers 4, 6, 8, and then 10.


    1. The problem with this is that every new mode starts to take from another mode, potentially threatening both. It’s how companies died – they weren’t viable against skirmishes.

      And even if you do 50/50 split (both are popular), you face problems with less players in queues, which might be an issue in off-peak times.


      1. Well they could at at the minimum rotate the tiers on alternative modes. Tier X are boring AF, only iconic WW2 thing there is Maus and no one plays that for competition…


        1. Arguably there are lots of iconic tier 10s – for Russians it will always be IS-4/7 and T-62A. Then E100 has kinda iconic status too. And Leo and Patton. But tbh – if you grind every tank in the game, will you still care about “iconic”? Not sure for the large part of player base.

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          1. Most of those are just there because WG needed to fill up the top tiers with something and there was nothing good enough within WW2 timespan. I’d say there’s a reason why only heavies went up to tier 10 at the beginning.

            Either way there are T-34s, T-54, IS1/2, SU76-152, soviet lowtier lights, Shermans’n’Lees’n’Stuarts, Bulldogs’n’Chaffees’n’Sheridans, Matildas, Churchills, probably anything from british cruiser class, pretty much anything in german tank and TD lines that got built, pre WW2 french stuff, Chi-Has I suppose… hardly any of the tier Xs will have similiar status.

            Tier X tanks are just… prototypes and cold war machines to fill up branches. Some are interesting, but If I’d prefer playing those, then there’s AW for that. WoT is played for stuff like Tigers.


  3. IMO the number of players leaving/not playing is not increasing that much over the years, players leave all the time.
    QB doesn’t realize that 80% of the playerbase are casual players, not playing much, they still have a shitload to grind, lot of them just enjoy playing tanks they like etc.
    WG just simply runs out of new players. Not much they can do there, the game is out for 6 years, almost everyone heard about it.
    What IMO prevented the game from gaining larger playerbase is low tier balance. Nowadays newbies get invite codes, 100% crews and missions, but like I said number of newcomers is not that large. But back in the day?
    No credits, 50% crews, no equipment, lots of research. I think huge number of players left the game when they reached Tier 3/4, had to fight against sealclubbers, tanks with howitzer one-shotting them, getting killed by “invisible” tanks (obviously no proper tutorials about game mechanics didn’t help).This IMO is where they lost largest number of players, not bad balance/lack of content/arty/gold ammo/lack of gamemodes, but terribly balanced and unenjoyable low tier gameplay.

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  4. heres a question

    when was the last time we got a status update, or for that matter, ANY mention….of PvE
    PvE historical, or fixes to the AI of PvE tier 1-2. or PvE in general.

    WG has been pretty hush hush about it….as if they’ve forgotten it or don’t actually intend to put it in game.

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      1. yep, but it will put the final nail in AW’s coffin.

        but based on the PvE we’ve seen from WoT Devs so far……..aka tier 1-2.

        ….*grabs chainsaw* brb i need to go get rid of WoT Devs so that WoWS’s devs can fix WoT.

        ….PvE…..hide the API…..weather……prem tanks that any crew of the nation can be put in…..better balance…..

        or i guess the WoT console team would do.

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        1. Well, so you get a better perspective on it…
          Console’s PVE is 100% trash. AI is braindead at best (Turretless is REALLY bad, prescripted paths, etc), and your ‘team’ are always 2 tiers higher, enemies are 2 lower (Some exceptions on 2), and guranteed silver loss at T6+. Its a joke.
          Weather? Meh… It’s nice, I guess. War maps are shit though.
          Premium tanks and crews, it’s a nice feature, I’ll grant you that. Training my E5 crew in a T23E3 is nice.
          Better balance? No, gold spam, overbuffed TDs and Artillery, P2W low tiers (SU 76I, PzB2, etc… Not sure if its as bad as PC there?), and so on. Along with low population. Server roaming is nice too.

          You’re expecting too much from console’s devs. Unless you want 30 premium tanks and 2 years between balance fixes. The grass is NOT greener here!


      1. That has nothing to do with being a unicum or having “all” tanks. Just read through WoTLabs and you ‘ll see that 99% of the unicums there have totally different opinions towards WoT issues. QB is only really good at 3 thing when it comes WoT:

        – pressing “2” key when he encounteres more than 50mm of armor
        – talking BS
        – presenting said BS in a way, that the average scrub lord takes it as gospel


        1. Saying that lack of new tanks is the problem after even WG acknowledged that the whole damn game needs to be rebalanced completely(and even re-imagined partially)….


  5. More tanks won’t mean better gameplay, I thought man (WB) would have understood that aspect.

    Especially with the current state of the game, which came from the fact that WG only added new content over the years and closed their eyes to all the issues which plagued the game ever since it came out of closed beta.

    WG is unable to balance their game, always were, as in doing so will cost them players especially from the Russian side. Thus they wiggle, juggle until there is nothing left to juggle and wiggle with.


    1. Realistic?

      Last match I played in WT tanks, I saw an ally at spawn getting flipped over because he hit a small rock, my driver died when I ran over a small wooden fence, and my high caliber capped AP shell ricoched on the soft, thin, rounded sheet metal of an exhaust pipe.

      WT is garbage.
      As soon as you hit tier5, it’s a game of who has the most HEAT-FS shooting tanks.
      Because that, it’s an unholy mess of bugs and, frankly, moronic design decisions that make the entire game an RNG shitfest without any coherence.

      WT tanks is only held afloat by WT planes, and a lot of content patches breathing a few weeks of life into the game, before losing all the players it got.

      I mean hell, they don’t even give a fuck about proper advertising. I still see ads promoting a content patch that was released in December 2015.

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      1. Correction: Not listening to the correct community.

        WG listening RU’s toxic community for years, look what happened now.

        And one day, when I managed to found the guy who suggested t9 and t10 arty, I will kill him :)


        1. Old top tier tier8 arty were literally the same as the current tier10 arties, and old tier7s are the same / have the same guns as the current tier9s.

          404 logic not found


          1. I should made this clear, in the past, t8 prem with limited MM will not see t7 and t8 arties, with the introduction of t9 t10 arties they are indirectly nerfed.

            And again, why would anyone want to see more artiliery.


  6. I don’t know how WG is thinking, they always wanted to bring new tanks as a complete line, which is not working by now as we are running out of tanks to be implemented as a complete t2~t10 tech tree without SerB Design Bureau kicking in.

    I like how the AMX 30 is implemented as a mini branch, why not do this to other nations?
    For example, US med can have two alternate branch, expand from T20 > T95E1 > T95E3 > T95E7 & M26 > M47 > M60A2(with HE and HEAT available, no ATGM, possibly made up a AP round for the gun which works like E-100’s 15cm)


  7. Stop comparing WoT to WT and focus on the subject. Someone as important as “Quickybaby” should be taken VERY seriously. The game needs more vehicles, it’s too easy to get them all with xp and credits gifted by WG. What is the average WoT youtuber supposed to do for a living? Play the same top tier vehicles over and over and over?Who wants to WATCH this? Come on this is serious people…..

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  8. To be honest, I think he’s got some pretty fair points here. New content usually keeps players who start to lose interest in the game entertained, and seeing a new patch coming out usually makes one think, “ooh, I wonder what they added this time?” I’d imagine that some players would start to get bored with the lack of “new” content being added, which can lead to them “giving up” on the game and leaving because “there aren’t enough new, shiny things coming”. However, that isn’t all of the issue right now, obviously – issues in game balance (premium ammo and artillery, not to mention the current lack of an important role for high-tier scouts, since pretty much everything can spot for itself at tiers 9 and 10) and bugs can (and do) make older, more experienced players get frustrated with the lack of progress over time.

    Personally, I think that if WG were to introduce a little more “new” content per-patch – i.e. a few tanks here-and-there; maybe not a full branch, but around 3-5 on-average per-patch (hell, perhaps even a few premiums) – alongside their current re-balancing and bug-fixing, the playerbase might slow in its decline. Finding the perfect balance between new content and fixing the game is essential to keeping the game alive IMO, and while they’re getting close, I don’t think they’ve quite hit the nail on the head yet, judging by the steady decline they’re still facing.

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  9. I can see QB being sad that he doesnt have a new tank to talk about every week. That was the basis of his channel for a few years. (same for jingles and Circon) Only lately has he just done commentary on this or that ace tanker replay where someone pulls off a 1v10 victory from the jaws of defeat. … also pub matches below teir 8 drive him nuts.

    Which is too bad. because some of his “how2play the ___ ” videos date back to versions that just dont exist anymore. Nor is he alone in this (a certain gnomish salt miner comes to mind) A “then and now” series explaining how the vehicle has changed over time and what aspect of the game it can teach you to play and how you can apply that lesson to the rest of the tanks on the tree. And setting aside the “this is how you win” (play a cromwell with the top 76mm gun) you can turn around and say “and this is how you can be silly and have fun” (take same cromwell and mount the howitzer and a GLD and one shot lights/arty. peek over a hill and shoot a heavy in his roof. laugh as he burns then cry when you miss an arty at 30 meters.)

    I for one didnt realize the DW2 came out 3(!) years ago. When it did i played maybe 40 games in it and had an even lower winrate. moved on to other things.
    Then a few months ago i decided that that awful winrate should be fixed. so on a lark i threw my tiger crew in a DW2 (didnt even bother with retraining) and 60 games later i finished with a Winrate that is much closer to my actual skill. Holy shit angling that tank is stupid easy. Now i just buy one for the occasional round of xvm hunting for the lolz. (because sealclubbing stetpedders in low tiers dont get enough grief imho) … and i like the challenge

    New content that i rushed right by for no reason other than i was bad@angling tonks.

    Im looking forward to how the short 88 buff will effect my replaying of german mid tiers. lots of tanks there that i enjoyed (to a point) and yet still had abysmal win rates in.


  10. It may have been declined because of many other reasons than “new tenks”. Something which QB havent taken into consideration despite being a doctor of art or what ever political correct area.


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