Bad-ass Kübelwagen for sale

If you fancy a very cool Volkswagen Kübelwagen dressed as a tank, you can hop onto Ebay with 20k+ dollars to make it yours.

Small history to this vehicle: It was simply a military version of the Volkswagen beetle (the Kübelwagen), with attachments to make it seem like a tank deceive and to “scare off” the enemy. The only historical reference I could find was that this version of the vehicle served for training purposes only and not on the battlefield.


More pics after the click.





11 thoughts on “Bad-ass Kübelwagen for sale

    1. Sigh, yup it’s confirmed that players are going to be playing around in patrol boats in their Q&A
      “​Larger vessels, while not available for control by players, but will be presented under the control of AI in some game modes. One of the main tasks of combat torpedo boats will be the destruction of larger ships. Player-controlled destroyers and other large ships may appear later, in other gamemodes, it will be decided based on results of closed beta.”


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