German Tank Museum Statement on Primo Victoria

The German Tank Museum has provided a statement regarding the release of Primo Victoria. What are your thoughts on this?

Translated from their Facebook page:

Sabaton were here before in the museum and they are generally nice guys. We have cooperated with WoT as well. In addition, the German Tank Museum (DPM) and the Swedish Tank Museum in Enköping are befriended for a long time already. 

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German Tank Museum has lost its Tiger

The Tiger I that was displayed in the German Tank Museum in Munster has left the collection this week. The tank is owned by a private person that loaned it out for a couple of years but its time has come now to leave. Why? Well, the owner wishes to restore it to drive-able condition again! That would be great news as Tiger 131 won’t be the only Tiger rolling then. Let’s be patient.

The hole in the side is clearly visible. Orginally, some ammunition was stored close to this hole in the hull

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Understanding World of Tanks as a Product

A little bit of a different article today. We’ll review in product terms where World of Tanks is at the moment and where it is heading. What does Wargaming want from us?

With the recent spam of Premium content in WoT it is pretty obvious what Wargaming want; they want money. We are at a stage where WoT has matured to a level that it will be hard to reach new customers. Let’s review the product.

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Bad-ass Kübelwagen for sale

If you fancy a very cool Volkswagen Kübelwagen dressed as a tank, you can hop onto Ebay with 20k+ dollars to make it yours.

Small history to this vehicle: It was simply a military version of the Volkswagen beetle (the Kübelwagen), with attachments to make it seem like a tank deceive and to “scare off” the enemy. The only historical reference I could find was that this version of the vehicle served for training purposes only and not on the battlefield.


More pics after the click.
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Swimming Sherman salvaged

A lend-lease M4A2 Sherman was dug up from the ocean after being sunk by a German U-Boat in World War II. The tank was meant for the Soviet army to be used on the Eastern Front and bound for Kola, Russia.

Apparently the Sherman has survived 70 years of saltiness fairly well because of the rigurous packing methods the Allies applied when shipping equipment. In total over 4,000 Shermans were handed over to the Soviets in WWII.


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