War Thunder: Naval Forces CBT is here

The most anticipated upcoming War Thunder feature has arrived.
It’s the War Thunder: Naval Battles, introducing a new ship warfare mode available soon in one of the upcoming patches (possibly 1.63 or 1.65, since 1.61 was probably a rushed update meant to introduce 4 reward vehicles from “Operation SUMMER”).

The teaser of “War Thunder: Knights of the Sea” can be seen here:


39 thoughts on “War Thunder: Naval Forces CBT is here

  1. “​Larger vessels, while not available for control by players, but will be presented under the control of AI in some game modes. One of the main tasks of combat torpedo boats will be the destruction of larger ships. Player-controlled destroyers and other large ships may appear later, in other gamemodes, it will be decided based on results of closed beta.”

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  2. There is a tasteful way to present a game, made by a company already getting reamed for ridiculous nationalism.

    Then there was this.
    xaxaxaxa motherland cyka blyat PT boat rush B can into victory !

    Gaijin pls


    1. I know.

      Need some real competency if they “actually” want to make their game “actually competitive” with certain games like “you know it”.


    1. BTW if it really is in-game footage, delete the music background and it looks awful compared to WoW, not that i play it but still WoW looks much better imo.


        1. My bad for not being more specific, but wtf dude? :D
          How can you compare World of Warcraft with Warthunder Ships?!!
          I meant World of Warships…


  3. Is it bias if the russian attacker planes got rekt by the german battleship AND then the german battleship get rekt by *US* PT boats?


  4. …..oh look a naval game i could go to…………
    which will probably have russian bias…….

    let me bring my ship of choice. and bonus, i wont need weapons >=D

    get rekt puny ships!


  5. While I am growing increasingly bored of WoT and actually play WoWs and Warthunder ground forces on a more regular basis now, which means i was really looking toward this, i must admit the few last informations, and this trailer, makes me feel like ”meh”.


  6. That Soviet DD looks like a cartoon. And if they put PT boats in the game, not sure I’ll ever be interested. Imagine trying to hit those with your BB. Run them over, maybe, but shoot at them?


    1. “​Larger vessels, while not available for control by players, but will be presented under the control of AI in some game modes”

      No playable BBs


        1. Not even in the future? Then what is the point of playing this game? Damn. While I’m pretty happy with WoWs, it could be better, but now I don’t even have a choice.


          1. Well they might appear in the future. Read : Maybe, but not before years

            I almost leaved WoT for War Thunder when it comes to tanks, but for ships i will stick with WG, as im pretty happy with WoWs anyway. But that means 2 premium accounts … I will have to make a choice


        2. According to what tech trees? Community made? You said it yourself, “larger vessels will not be playable”. You’re not going to get any WoWs action in WT, Gaijin has stated that they canceled it. Canceled means canceled, deal with it.


  7. You know what is funny?

    War Thunder Ground forces looks so much better then WoT.
    War Thunder Naval thing looks so much worse then WoWs.


        1. Yeah take a ride with your Tiger in WT GF, hit a tree and have 2 of your crew members die. Try to get passed a friendly or enemy tank in a close proximity and let me know if you made it without glitching the shit outta both tanks and etc etc. then come and tell me WTGF looks better.


          1. Glitching happens way too often, that’s true, but the game objectivly looks so much better, not only the tanks but also the environment.


  8. PT boats……..arghhhh……It reminds me Tanaka (Kancolle reference

    This looks really lame, making grinding Kancolle on Map 3-2-1 looks interesting (lel

    If large vessels are not available to play becoz Soviets has little large warships during WW2, Gaijin why don’t you just go f___ yourself


  9. If the largest ships players will be able to control in WT naval combat are destroyers, consider my hype killed. I’ll stick with WoWS where you have battleships, cruisers, carriers, and destroyers brawling, not match-stick boats.


  10. I think I will like it. It is not like wows with giant naval battles but more with light ships. I like it because I can play them both with each different gameplay. Why should I now play tanks and warplanes with the world of war system? Now i can continue to play wows and warthunder.


  11. Considering they don’t even know them self if bigger ships then Cruisers and beyond will ever appear for player control. It’s kinda daft considering how many years they have planned to unite sea, land and air into one game. And after all that time thinking and developing it… PT boats and maybe Cruisers is what they can come up with? I mean they already lost tanks, but won the air. They let WG make WOWS in that time to. If they do it half baked from the start, they will not get the interest for it to even get to make Destroyers and BB’s.


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