Seb is Back + Kaiserreich Wallpapers

I have finally returned from the hell of fixing my computer and now I can finally post. However, I don’t want to leave you, my readers, without a present (because I am sorry for staying away from TAP so much). Thanks a lot to Erwin and SovietTenkDestroyer for posting while I was away. Great work, both of you.

The Kaiserreich alternate history mod was announced for HoI IV, the developer team is recruiting people too and if you want to help, check out the official forums here: KR Forums

For anyone who does not know what Kaiserreich is, it’s a HoI2/Darkest Hour mod where the game starts in a hypothetical 1936 that takes place after a WW1 that was won by Germany. Lots of civil wars (including one in the US) and new nations exist. I won’t spoil it too much, you need to see for yourself (including what happened to the British Empire). Needless to say, the mod is very popular and it even made me buy DH. It just changes the game completely.

PS: I gladly recommend Hiren’s Boot CD. It has a Mini Windows XP included with many utilities for all sorts of PC problems, perfect for making a back-up of your files before reinstalling Windows.

Wallpapers in this post are Full HD/2K, link to album that has also 4K wallpapers here.