Thunder Show – Rise of the machines


5 thoughts on “Thunder Show – Rise of the machines

  1. Oh god, that one with the 10km shot…

    Considering the IS-2 doesn’t have sights graduated for that distance, either the person in question took the hours needed to make minute corrections while pin-pointing his and his target’s position on the map, or that’s just hardcore proof that there’s rampant cheating in WT, which allows for shot like these to be made basically twice in a row.

    Which sounds more likely?

    Also, super disappointed by the first clip.
    I was expecting the AI to do something awesome.
    Instead it did the usual WT AI fuckery, followed by the WT sticky physics shuffle.

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    1. well the AI took the same attitude as a real player in WoT pub matchs would do to not get damaged. =P

      do you see pubs playing smart and trading damage? or you see they like “kills kills I need kills I don’t care for the team play” =P

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