WoWS: Arizona Available on EU

Standard package: ship + slot – £21.71 (€25.40)

Ultimate package: ship + slot + 3450 doubloons + 100x zulu hotel flags+ 100x equal speed flags – £34.18 (€39.99)

Supreme package: ship + slot + 6500 doubloons + 30 days premium + main armaments 1 + arty plotting room + damage control + steering gears + 50x DCP2 + 50x RP2 + 50x spotter plane 2 + USS Arizona flag – £51.28 (€59.99)


9 thoughts on “WoWS: Arizona Available on EU

  1. thinking about it more, WG should have added Papa Papa signal flags in the supreme package … to make the pack interesting

    anyway I bought the Arizona
    my recommendation, buy her if you like BBs
    currently at her tier she has very good survivability and extreme firepower, hard hitting and accurate.
    But because of that you might become easily target number one by DDs CVs and well everybody wants you see burning
    But I think she is still quote strong
    Nice vessel


    1. we still need to wait for statistics coming up, but knowing the Nicolai… the Arizona could end up being OP too on her tier even though she is very cumbersome … just taking an educated guess here :)


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