WoWS Dev on Tier 10 German BB

It’s pretty confusing.


14 thoughts on “WoWS Dev on Tier 10 German BB

  1. Easy, they’re fakes just like Roon and Hindenburg. All he has to say is they found them in the “Russian archives”, nothing more. No blueprints are shown as proof to maintain plausible deniability. It’s not like majority of players care about history anyway. Even the upcoming Kaiser will have WW2 modules. Takes months to model ships, and they waste it on these pieces of garbage.

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    1. So it’s not possible that the russian took some Information from the Germans when they were winning the war? and simply put them in their on archives in which WG managed to find as they were looking through ship archives?
      Only the H-39 was in anyway clear on what it would have had, the other iterations did not. and the 40,6 cm was a possibility. the only thing unclear is the tripple turret, but that aswell is not impossible.
      and please do not bring up the “German BB philosophy” that aswell can easily change, when you start to see and observe other nations Designs.


  2. It’s confusing because the whole H-class thing is confusing. As he said originally it was only referred as H-class BB, not H-39 or H-44 that was added later for better classification. The other thing is, that only H-39, H-40 and H-41 were real designs (H-39 was even started, but only the kneel was laid). However after 1941 the division that designed so far the BB’s were reorganized. The designs that came after that were only “what if” scenarios, or tests, to see what is needed to create the ultimate battleship. So shortly the relevant, usable, documented designs end at H-41. He also stated that they found triple turret designs in the Russian archives for 406 mm guns. Possible? Yes. However we still doesn’t know the number of guns or their caliber. So the tier 9 will be a H-39 with upgrades (upgraded Bismarck class), and the tier 10 is a “what if’, heavily modified H-41. So technically they are heavily modified original designs, if that counts fake, then yeah. But doing a H-42 of H-43 would be just as much fake.

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  3. Instead of giving us a pretty unique T10 BB they decided to mash up different designs and create a beefed up Montana.
    “Russian archives” my ass. If the design was indeed found in “Russian archives” then why don’t they publish the blueprints?


    1. Nobody ever said anything about blueprints. What they probably found are design-studies and suggestions made by the designing-bureau. Of course it’s going to be a “What if”, but at least it’s closer to reality than those chinese pipe-dreams that keep coming up, as at least someone with a clue about the subject-matter once worked on those studies.


    2. Only because they are allowed to use the design and to reasearch in the archives doesn’t mean they are allowed to openly publish it.


  4. This is a game. If we get too caught up on this question of history, then the Yamato will be virtually alone in Tier X. All other lines will have to stop at Tier 8 at most. It’s like WOT. Historical tanks stop at T8 with something in T9. The Tier X is a festival of paper tanks and fakes.

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  5. They go for a very overrate fake German ship and even more overrated fake Russian ship ( no change there ) think yourself lucky
    It is even worse in World of Warplanes.


  6. i really wish theyd gone with bismarck tier 7 h39 at tier 8 h41 at tier 9 and h42 at tier 10 with nerfed guns if necessary because honestly part of the reason i like the look of the german bbs is the unique 2×4 arrangement instead of being the same as literally every other nation (currently in game i know there were some quad guns per each turret ships) having 3×3 or 3×4 (for montana)

    i just think that 3 barrels will look out of place in this line. i think was a dumb decision unless its 3×4 (that would make its bad rof make sense referencing a previous post) but if its 3×3 then that will look stupid in this line where everything else is dual guns before it assuming the scharnhorst style ship gets the guns upgrade of course which as far as im aware it will.

    honestly part of the reason i love the appearance of ships like the bismarck was because of their twins gun to me that just looks better than the triple gun arrangement. basically unless this ship at tier 10 is a total god i dont think i will bother with it. ill probably stop at tier 9 (or the bismarck depending on how good the tier 9 is) like with the iowa in the american bb line if im ever feeling patient enough to play such slow ships for an extended period of time. at least the japenese have so many weird turret arrangements that you could throw anyhting in there and wouldnt look too out of place. the americans changed their turret designs too but i feel at least they get triple guns for the first time at tier 6 so that prepares you for the triple guns at tier 8 9 and 10. the germans wont get that.

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  7. H-41[edit]
    Bomb damage sustained by Scharnhorst in July 1941 provided the impetus for the effort to increase the horizontal protection for the H-class.[32][j] The designers were confronted with a significant problem: any increase in armor could correspondingly increase the displacement and more importantly, the draft. It was necessary to maintain the full-load draft of 11.5 m of the H-39 design for operations in the relatively shallow North Sea. The only option that allowed the displacement to be maintained while armor thicknesses to be increased was to reduce the ships’ fuel supplies. A 25 percent cut in range was required, which was deemed unacceptable by the OKM. It was eventually determined that since deep-water anchorages on the Atlantic coast were available, it would be permissible to allow the draft to increase. The initial redesign called for an increase of only 5,000 long tons (5,100 t), 40 percent of which was additional deck armor, the remainder being used for a larger-caliber main battery.[32]

    One of the most significant changes was the decision to bore out the over-sized 40.6 cm guns to 42 cm caliber for the H-41 design. The design staff determined that modifications to the ammunition hoists and loading equipment would be easily effected and that the original turrets could be retained.[32] The OKM was aware that the British had settled on a 40.6 cm gun for the proposed Lion class; the 42 cm gun would grant the H-41 design a significant advantage over these new adversaries.[35] The ships’ armament was otherwise unchanged, apart from an increased number of 2 cm anti-aircraft guns, of which there were now to be 34.[11]

    The ships’ main armor decks were substantially strengthened: the deck was increased in thickness from 120 mm (4.7 in) to 200 mm (7.9 in) and the sloped armor at the edges was thickened from 150 mm (5.9 in) to 175 mm (6.9 in).[11] Wartime experience with the Scharnhorst class indicated that the torpedo-defense system was insufficiently strong to protect the H-39 design from underwater damage. Beam was therefore increased, with greater width added at the ends of the armored citadel to allow a greater distance between the side wall and the torpedo bulkhead. The stern section of the torpedo bulkhead was also strengthened structurally to allow it to better contain the force of an underwater explosion.[35] A triple bottom was also included in the design, the first time a feature was used in a German warship design.[11] The loss of Bismarck in May 1941 also influenced the design; two large skegs were added to the outboard shafts to protect them and increase support for the stern while in drydock. The rudder system was also designed with an explosive charge to detach the rudders in the event they became jammed.[36]

    The finalized design was approved by Admiral Raeder on 15 November 1941.[36] The new design measured 282 m (925 ft) long at the waterline, had a beam of 39 m (128 ft), and a draft of up to 12.2 m (40 ft) at full load. The increase in weight, while engine power remained constant, reduced speed to 28.8 kn (53.3 km/h; 33.1 mph).[11] The OKM planned to begin construction six to nine months after demobilization, initially at Blohm & Voss and the Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel. Deschimag, which had been awarded the contract for “J”, could no longer be used due to the increase in draft, which precluded travel through the shallow Weser. Following the completion of a new, larger dock at the Kriegsmarinewerft in Wilhelmshaven, work would also be done there.[37] The increased size of the ships would have lengthened the building time from four to five years
    go here

    The speed not sure about but the arm yes.
    Size (Max): 62496 t
    Length (Total): 277,8 m
    Length (Waterline): 265,8 m
    Beam: 37,2 m
    Draft: 10,2 m
    40,6 cm SK L/47: 8
    15,5 cm L/55: 12
    10,5 cm L/45 C/32: 16
    3,7 cm L/83: 16
    2 cm FlaMG L/65: 24
    53,3 cm Torpedoes: 6
    Arado Ar 196: 4
    Deck: 120 mm (max)
    Belt: 220- 300 mm
    Command Tower: 350 mm
    Turrets: 385 mm (max)
    Shafts: 3
    Engines: 12
    Type: MAN 9 cyl Diesel
    Total Performance: 165000 shp
    Speed: 30,0 kn
    Range: 19000 miles at 16 kn

    these wee the guns they were going use in real life


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