WoWS: 0.5.8 PT > 0.5.8 LIVE data changes

Source: Vaexa, SigmaHyperon

new ARP content:

  • a new port icon called china-arpeggio
  • 2 new Myoukou class cruisers with some fancy decals

Balance changes

Ship changes


  • Chinese ARP ships added (Myoko clones)


  • Some more cruiser armour model tweaks, as part of the armour mesh changes documented in the official patchnotes
  • Krasnyi Krym: reload time buffed (10s > 9.2s), turret turn time buffed (7.0 deg/s > 8.0 deg/s), AA changed (pretty sure it’s a net buff)
  • Arizona: sigma nerfed (2.0 > 1.8)

Miscellaneous changes

  • Arizona memorial flag added (no effects, purely cosmetic)

Text changes

  • Things got rephrased and reworded again, like they do every patch
  • Strings added for the new voice packs
  • Strings added for ARP Takao’s name
  • Strings added for Bastion mode tutorial
  • Strings added for German BB module names
  • Strings added for the Arizona memorial flag
  • Strings added for a Krasnyi Krym flag
  • Strings added for an ARP flag

This is all undocumented stuff, see the official patchnotes for the full deal.

Quemapeblos (NA CM) said no stealth nerf happened. I checked the data files like fifteen times because I really wanted to make sure this was a thing that happened and I’ll confirm it with the EU client tomorrow morning, but if this legitimately did slip through the cracks, it’ll get reverted. Even if this is just damage control, it’ll probably get reverted.


E2: I’ve seen murmurings of this but Arizona had the 2.0 sigma in the 0.5.7 live client. It’s 1.8 in 0.5.8 live.