IceShips Map Video


13 thoughts on “IceShips Map Video

    1. What’s with these Darth Vader picture replies lately, Woras?

      Of the map: It’s not a night map. The sun is just replaced with the moon.

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      1. Story continues as it follows:
        Woras discovers E-100
        Woras keeps E-100 alive
        Woras gets permabanned
        Darth Woras is born
        Darth Woras improves E-100 by several magnitudes


  1. At some point when WoWs has clan combat I remember some WG person throwing out the concept that there would be a connection with clan wars in terms of making landings on the map. Maybe these are going to be landing maps in a game where ships and tanks have at least a marginal connection? I was going to say “fleeting!”

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