Feedback needed.

Hey guys. I’m here to ask you about TAP.

Do you like it?

Is it too slow? (Do I post too few things?)

Did you find a better alternative? (I need their names so I can write them in my Death Note :twisted: )

Give me feedback, tell me your wishes and complaints so I can improve the blog. I really want to make it great.


117 thoughts on “Feedback needed.

  1. Well, the blog is well organized, the community is not toxic, the content is kept stable, some days more content, some less, has a good variation between articles, news, leaks, patch notes, etc.

    I can’t see nothing wrong with the blog, there is content to check all day long.

    In my opinion your guys that run TAP are doing pretty well.

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    1. and btw, the only direct competition to TAP that I know is the RSR, but you guys give pretty much more content than they, the only advantage that RSR got, is that it is a Portuguese blog, and since I am Brazilian I can ask direct questions to the OP in my main language =P

      but all in all, as I said, you guys are doing great.

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          1. Coz we, the “too much” peoples, hate all humans and want to see the world burn. Theres no fun, only damnation.


  2. Absolutely no lack of content IMO. I can’t think of any changes I would wish for. The only thing that the competetition RSR has over TAP is, IMO, that Rita has a better connection to WG, or at least to some people at WG.

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  3. I agree with SlayerBR..
    (=> people can ask stuff instead of reading irrelevent questions=> more people interrested in the blog=> more views ;) )


  4. Far superior to Rita’s blog.

    Your content is much more flushed out, timely, and organized.

    I used to only follow Rita’s blog, but then there are unannounced dead periods. No posts, no updates, nothing. And when she does post, half the time it’s to advertise her own stream, which I bet most people don’t even care the slightest about.

    Your content is also diverse. You follow all major Wargaming projects, although Warplanes isn’t really covered much (Though does anyone actually play Warplanes?).

    Thanks for delivering a neat blog. (First time posting in any of your comment threads :P)

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  5. You are doing great job guys. I can find at least one post daily and i said at least one because mostly it is more than one. I also try to follow RSR and FTR, dont know if there is any other but i can say TAP is the best among them. So guys there is nothing to worry about just keep up the good work.


  6. content amount and variety is great

    speed and frequency is great

    and comment section is always fun to chat with people (they always there and ready for fun. and leagues less toxic than rita’s blog)

    looking forward to the video series starting up.

    as for death note. no one comes to mind but keep an eye on ftr…
    he started it up again…..and he has tank pillows……


      1. tank pillows seb! they pillows with pictures of tanks on them!
        ok yeah i can’t keep this joke up any more. they just not appealing as anime pillows~

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  7. I switched from Rita, to AmmoRack and then to you adn I won’t leave again unless you disappear for days or months without notice like the others often do. Anyway, most of the time they were forwarding your own stuff on their blog so it seems your the closest source to the real stuff and that’s what the follower like me needs! Keep doing that great job!

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  8. There’s really not a lot of room left for improvement as you’re way more regular with Q&As and leaks than Rita and you post them way sooner, sometimes even days before she does. Only thing I’d add is more WoT/WoWS funnies and memes.

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  9. This blog is rubbish since THE ALLMIGHTY PIROMAN is not posting 😭😭😭 He might come back if you offer 100 euros per month???

    There’s one more problem called Woras!!! Kill him!!!

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      1. You can. I see you’re doing it more these days, but sometimes you just repost stuff from other sources without giving them credit.


  10. at least 10 times better than RSR.a buddy from twitch recommended me,i didnt even knew it existed if it wasnt for him.i liked FTR too,but those days are gone.

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  11. I’m happy with the current state. I think I’ve said it before, the WoWS content included is a big plus over Rita’s.

    btw RSR got the exclusive Swiss tech tree info+Q&A…..will you guys going to get it repost on TAP??


  12. Seb, you are the best amongst all of them.
    The blog gives all sorts of informations in many formats, fresh news as soon as they come out, leaks others steal from you, and you make many posts everyday!
    What else is needed?

    Even the community is great here, minimal toxicity and great discussions!
    Heck, we have Woras here! XD

    So chill, do everything as you were doing so far, the blog is great!

    On a slightly offtopic note: Any news about how Shady’s RNG video compilation coming together? I have been sending him replays, I’m really curious about the outcome!

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      1. btw, about the replays Seb, I got some that I could send hosted in the wotreplays, like my jumbo winning a 1×1 against a JP2 and things like that, but nothing that much interesting happened yet, so should I send the link to some of the replays to Shady to give more content to work on, even if they are not that much interesting, or should I wait for something spectacular to happen and then send to Shady?


  13. Hi! It’s Vaexa.

    I haven’t really followed TAP for a while (and even then I only follow it to point out the rare error in the reposts), but from what I can see, it may be worth spreading things a little more through the day instead of having this huge burst of posts when Seb gets on. I think WordPress supports scheduling posts!

    Other than that, the historical articles are great and props to whoever is writing those <3


      1. I more meant stuff like videos, articles, yada yada, not stuff like game-related news. There’s a decent bit of historical articles posted too.

        It’s in part because the front page only shows a handful of posts, too, which means some posts drown out sometimes.


  14. Ammorack has some neat stuff there, he’s giving credits in all his posts.

    Himmelsdorf has some good stuff as well, although they’re slower on WoT, they’re at least equally fast when it comes to WoWs. Besides, rumor has it that one of their guys is in WoWs ST :P


      1. I take it that this is more by choice than by lack of knowledge. Both of these sites seem content to check stuff before posting them just for the headlines.


  15. Well, might as well add my opinion.
    I like reading on here because there’s actually some competence post-wise, no 3-days of absolutely nothing, lol.
    There are a few days where it feels like there’s not much I personally care about IMO (Ex: WoWs news primarily*, but I still like to read the QA’s in case I try it “soon”), but still, atleast I can count on seeing a historical article or two in that time.

    Havent found a better alternative myself, granted, I still check RSR roughly every month when there might be “something” new? Not intending to switch though, as I actually feel like I can comment here, much less stupid than that comment section.
    I also appreciate how the attitude towards console isnt glorifying the very few decent things we get. (Ex: New weather/graphics! So you can be blind while your team gets stomped by 5-man E-75 platoons and your team only gets a tier 7 platoon!)… I still say PC has it much better, but this isnt the place for my opinion on THAT… Just be lucky your on PC, take it from me!

    My only “negative” feedback would be the lack of saying screw-ups on console too (there’s a few), although, I assume im one of the very few console readers, but ehh, ’tis my opinion.

    And im a bit sad I havent seen many WW2 and up historical articles lately (I see the one below this post, though, will be checking after), but that’s just me, the WW1 stuff is pretty interesting, and I really dont want those to stop,, but still, a bit hopeful to see newer stuff. (ehh… Still hopeful to see something new on the Maresal or TR-77 myself!)

    Wall of text over!

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        1. Oh and the other thing I forgot to mention is that the R-35/45, TACAM R-2, TACAM R-1, TACAM T-60, etc are all going to be covered

          There was also a project to covert two captured T-34s (one was a special armored version T-34 that most likely came from the STZ plant) with either a 122mm or 152mm guns howitzers ona different turret.


          1. Yeah, I remember your reply about that now. Memory was pretty badly off due to time in hospital lately (nothing severe, just had me messed up for a week or two*). Certainly looking forward to it!

            On the T-34 note, that actually sounds quite interesting, I’ve always loved it’s variants. Any idea if there was a blueprint of either version? I know there was a T-34-122 the Soviets were “planning” (Cant remember how far it got, blueprint at best IIRC), but the 152 just sounds ridiculous, lol.


            1. The source was a university paper from the university in Pitesti (another place to look for archival material). They examined 60 something documents.

              Currently, Stan has only read one document and I can’t wait for him to read more.

              No blueprint was available but we may find something.

              The project was canceled after they lacked something to control the recoil for the large guns.

              This seemed early in the war because the managed to mount a 122mm howitzer on the Maresal in 1943


              1. Fair enough, thanks.
                Quite interesting, not too surprising the recoil from the 152 was a bit much, but it makes me wonder how certain tanks were intended to mount 152’s, although I assume the exact gun is a pretty good part of it. (Referring mostly to stuff like the 15cm JgPz38t)
                It’s surprising the 122 had too much recoil, but you most likely have the right idea there.Early war and all. Makes me wonder if it might be the long 122 though? Or if the original turret was to be used.

                Here’s hoping a blueprint comes up, I would really like to see how the 152 version was designed!
                And, on an off note, itd probably be a cool premium if the Romanian branch is added to WoT. (Either version, really… Possibly even a regular tank? lol, one can hope!)


                1. It wasn’t the long 122mm D-25T. It may have been different 122mm and 152mm guns but I’ll have to check with a couple of my Romanian artillery books to see.

                  The most likely candidate was the 122mm M1910/30


  16. frequency is excellent!

    i never feel like i miss out on good info – i feel that this is the only source i need to get all my patch info, tanks on supertest, Q and As, all of the stuff that i really need need need. i feel TAP covers it all and i use no other sources.

    A lot of the historical stuff i find mildly interesting, not all, some is great, but since it doesnt seem to prevent the “meat and potatoes” stuff above then it doesnt bother me at all. It gives the blog its own kind of fan and love of tanks personality.

    the stuff that really bothers me is what i consider juvenile. any post that mentions rita is a guaranteed waste of my time. i am not a little kid in high school and just dont care about rita nor do i give a crap if ppl think they have some clever insult. insulting other people is not professional.

    same goes for the WG FAIL posts. at least half the time the poster overreacts and doesnt understand and its not even a WG FAIL. but even when it is, they are usually super minor and WHO CARES. its a massive company and if they have a typo in an email i dont care, but it feels like TAP (possibly just piromans, to be honest). No. One. Cares. Does not make the blog look professional by attacking the company over silly little mistakes. Now if you have an article that they accidentally deleted 100,000 peoples accounts, well thats news.

    The last two “FAIL” posts i just googled were the author not understanding how to read an email, and not even WGs fault.

    So TAp is the best and the only source i need for all WG info. the material is great, super fast, and a great amount. its fantastic.

    until it has gossipy, anti-rita or anti-WG FAIL posts that no one cares about, have no useful info, and make it feel like tap is written by 13 year olds who need to badly get laid and act more professional.

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    1. We’re far from anti-WG :)

      While we like to occasionally laugh at WG, we don’t hate them and we want them to succeed.

      i have a personal grudge against Rita but it’s for a legitimate reason. However, I don’t remember us doing anti-Rita post. At most, it was indirect.

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  17. When I started reading a Blog about Wot and Tank stuff, tbh I was reading Rsr only until the day I found TAP. Since that day I read TAP first and only check occasionally Rsr if there is something additionally. So I think your doing well here, no additions to make or major adjustments I could imagine right now.

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  18. I have switched to TAP after Ritas fiasco in March or February… and from that date I didn’t visited her blog cause here I have all what I need, Exeelent cavarge of Wot and WoWs, don’t playing WoWs but never hurted me to read something about WoWs. Love historic articles they are good and decent and all other articles are OK. frequency of articles is OKish, don’t worry about that part as many sada before its better to be good articles than flood of rubbish so just keep quality above quantity.
    From friends which I know to visit other sites got info that here on your blog they find news before than on others.
    Comments part is ok not toxic.
    Cheers to Woras he always make me lough…
    All in all your doing great job, I want say not just you and all other admins and writers which you have with you n this boat you are doing very good job, and whole community.

    When you started i have lurked from time to time your blog and than it have childish moments but now its fully grown up blog. As I say when I switched to yours blog I didn’t regretted even I have switched off Add block for your site and that privilege just have few sites on my PC.

    Just keep good job you and all yours writers!!!

    Best regards

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  19. I think your Blog is straight forward and has plenty of quality. It’s the only one I read nowadays. Your Layout is simple and therefore very easy to read. Keep up the good work mate.

    As long as you don’t make a baby with Rita everything will be fine and please don’t mind AW. Just focus on what you’re doing and your future looks bright.

    One thing I would like to know.
    Is there any chance to get something similar to “Hall of shame”? Perhaps without usernames. Just for the laugh you know.


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  20. Also, another piece of random feedback, Im typically reading/posting from my PS4, and it always requires me to hit a “yes/no” thing to have TAP load.
    Is there anything to be done about it? Ill reload my internet and get the “exact” wording in a second (will post below this*)

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    1. “The security of the page can not be confirmed, the PS4 does not have the CA root certificate provided by the server. Do you want to display the page?”
      It stopped bothering me a very long time ago, and I assume its due to the blog host, but still, cant know if I dont ask. Might be an issue on my end, even.

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        1. Fair enough, thanks for the response.
          Just had to ask as I could have swore it didnt do that a few months ago? But, I might have been reading on 360 then, as it was during that time when RSR was down for a while.
          Either way, it’s instinctive to hit the button as soon as it asks anyway, so it’s not a problem anymore.


  21. It is fine. You don’t need more posts. It does not have to be too colored.

    The more you offer the more people will want and when you fail to fulfill their expectations due to illness or work they will complain. So just keep doing everything as you can and as you wish. This is your blog. People will have to accept it as it is.

    Up till now yours is the most versatile and up to date blog on WoT and WoWS.

    The most important issue is to be up to date with facts, leaks, offers, news and similar. The faster you give the info the better. It sounds similar to broadcasting companies.

    If you can do this it will be the primary source for most WoT and WoWS fans.

    On the other hand you can do the blog more personal. Approach everything with your views and opinions or you can broaden the historic articles, drawings. It does not have to be unique. People need time and put some effort to research for the most common tanks. For example I had to spend hours to find the differences on the hull versions of the Cromwell Mk. IV. Except for a part of English tank aficionados most people are not aware of such a thing.
    I am now building a model of the Cromwell B from WoT. It makes me scratch my head what hull, what turret, which fittings, hatches etc. it has (in-game and in in real world). I would like to model the real Cromwell which was used by the end of the war.

    Many players of WoT are modelers as well.

    Keep up the good work.

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  22. HI, I have to say i enjoy your blog. I like the mix of both Wot and WoWs I am a warships man myself. Because i am too old and slow for WoT. articles are good and varied. could do with a few more jokes. enjoy Raz video’s Keep it up

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  23. This

    Make the type of an article more obvious. By that i mean categorize it by game if it is associated to a game (WoT/WoWs/AW/…) and by type: history article/ leaks/ fun stuff. This could be for instance just an icon or a tag shown under the title or something like that

    I’m also for quality over quantity.
    This mostly targets patch notes and events posts. They are transcripts (copy /paste) from WG web pages and they add no additional info to me over the originals. I know that they appear on TAP a few hours before they appear on site but i usually read TAP while WOT client loads, which means i have already clicked those same news in launcher.

    P.S.:I only play WOT but i also enjoy history articles /technical articles about warmachines.

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