WoWS BB Tree


29 thoughts on “WoWS BB Tree

  1. Anything on supertest?

    Also, looks like WG’s throwing historical accuracy out of the window again as the T10 appears to have triple gun turrets.


    1. how can you tell from that picture the bismarck you can make it out clearly but the tier 9 and 10 its really difficult to see


        1. the main ship in the image has triple guns, it has 11 windows on the bridge, the Sharnhorst* only had 5, so it is most likely the H41


  2. Most interesting to me is that Gneisenau is part of the branch, so I wonder whether we’re going to get battle cruisers at all.


  3. i wonder will there be the option to change from 11 to 15 inch main guns on the gneisenau i hope so because 11 inch guns at tier 7 sounds like a chore

    also is graf spee in this line? is it the bayern?


    1. WG kinda confirmed in a Q&A last week that you’ll be able to switch to 3×2 380mm guns, and Graf Spee is a likely premium ship.


    2. No.
      The Graf Spee belonged to the Deutschland class, consiting of:
      Deutschland (later: Lützow)
      Admiral Scheer
      Admiral Graf Spee

      They were designated as Heavy Cruiser
      We will see what WG will do ….


    3. Bayern is from WWI, armed with 15inch guns 4×2. I believe they were the last class built for the Germans during the war


    1. Scharnhorst will become a premium. I assume that Gneisenau, when fully upgraded, will be based on her reconstruction that was carried out but never completed (bigger guns, new turrets, longer hull). If you prefer to play the class in its original configuration then Scharnhorst is your only choice.

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    1. They want to give the ship names they propably would have recieved eventually when they were finished (maybe not those names but who knows). Though i myself think just calling them h-39/41 is kinda cool.

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    2. Names were used several times in many nations. Totally legit to re-use them and would most certainly have happened if they had been built.


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