Q&A Compilation – 4th July 2016

Thanks Vlad! Also, Happy ‘Murica Day to our NA readers.

Product manager Maxim Chuvalov:
– WoT Blitz has 45 million installations over the world;
– We also aim for female audience, our studio Melesta Games, which we have a strategic partnership with, recently released the game My Cafe;
– I already played VR tanks, we’re testing this now, looks funny for now. Doesn’t go above prototypes yet since there is no market yet;

– Why don’t you release all new minimaps in one patch? – It’s just a test. If it’s well recieved, we’ll do the rest too;
– How many players are using the HD client? – Less than 50%; (Seb: ahem Russian PCs)
– I’m waiting the second year already for landscape changes on corridor maps, please bring possibilities for maneuvers back; – Which maps was it removed on?
– Lorraine 40t to B-C 25t AP replacement – there’s a new loader, why is it there? – Mistake, we’ll remove him;
– What’s the replacement procedure? – No perk reset, not sure about the [player] stats yet;

– Where will be the side branch of France? From AMX 50 100 or from tier 7? – From tier 7;
– Will there be bonuses/freebies on the 100 years of tanks anniversary? – Don’t know;
– Yuri [Pasholok], I don’t know why you’re so upset about the French heavies [from tier 2], they’re really unnecessary, since there are multi-turreted vehicles with mediocre guns and bad maneuvrability. (Seb: so what about Jap Heavies then? Don’t tease the community with French heavies then say refuse implementing them.)

– Daniil (TN: Murazor), each branch has to have some distinction, its positive and negative sides. A branch should be unique. Big, well-protected vehicles with mediocre speed and good guns for their tier. Tier 6 HTs, for example, are direly needed for various gamemodes. I’m not even saying that there are no tier 3 or even 2 HT’s in game.
– This was the last possible branch for the French;
– Yuri, what do you know about the B-C 35t, were there blueprints? – 35 tonnes Bat-Chat sounds like someone eating shrooms. The program started with a 12 ton and then transformed into the one which will be at tier 9, and the tier 10 one was actually built;
– There is a person who claims having access to blueprints and armor schemes of this 35-ton Bat; – I did not encounter such a thing in the materials I’ve studied yet;
– Pz 3 K was planned to have a conical barrel, why does it have KwK L43 in game? – It was planned. The question lies within whether or not the chassis had to be redone after mounting such a gun, thus it was not implemented in real life;
– Can’t anything be done about the French heavies? I’ve been waiting for them; – I’m looking into it;

Anton Pankov:
– The absence of skill-balance is one of WoT’s principles. However looking at ranked battles in WoWS, we might implement something similar in tanks;
– The crew system is quite old now and requires rework, new perks are needed, but only after rebalancing the vehicles, since the crews have significant influence on a tank. I think that for one, crews have obsolete interfaces, and also that the role model is not realized well. Everyone chooses the same perks: brothers in arms, repairs, sixth sense. I want more perks so that they provide more options to strengthen the tanks advantages and compensate for the disadvantages. I also dream of legendary crews with legendary perks: known tanksmen with special skills;
– Is there a difference of publishing and development between regions? – We try to shift more attention to regional content, known locations. For example Berlin and Paris. Czech tanks were planned as part of a big European tree, but also thanks to the player’s enthusiasm they were released as a separate branch (Seb: thanks for ruining my dreams). We also search for specific tanks – these are Polish tanks right now. Maybe not a whole tree, but at least several premiums. We do understand that each region wants to have something of their own. As such, we have the Korean Patton. For the Day of Victory, we thought of the “Berlin Trio” – we have the Cromwell there who was fighting on the Allies’ side. We try to keep the balance, but mainly aim for a game for everyone. And when meeting players from different regions we can feel it: the positive and negative feedback is more or less the same;
– Will the value of achievements in battle be expanded? – This feature is implemented now: if you palyed for the losing team, but get a “Battle Hero”, you recieve credits and XP as if you’ve won. But the game is team-oriented. You have to win to recieve more;
– Are there plans to expand customization of vehicles? – Customization is a big feature, it’s in development for a while. Aside from camos and emblems, there will be new possibilities, for example placement of logs on the tank (TN: based Soviet log);
– Will the penalty system be changed and compliments/likes added? – Compliments will be added. And the report and penalty system will be expanded, the result of your report will be known;
– What about fighting self-destruction? – We’ll penalize these players economically, or apply a cooldown for entering a battle. We have the new feature of combatting “trinkets” (TN: fail-platoons);
– What do you think of the ahistorical mechanic of dealing damage to non-vital spots? – Nothing will be changed, that’s a part of the game. But aiming at the small turret is a skill of the player, we can’t deprive him of this;