Tirpitz Available on EU

Standard: ship + slot – £37.83 (€44.99)

Tirpitz Ultimate: ship + slot + 7500 doubloons + 30 days premium – £58.85 (€69.99)

TOOOORPITZ!: ship, slot, main armaments I, aiming systems I, DCS I + II, TAS, 50x DCP II, 50x RP II, 50x SA II, 15000 doubloons, 30 days premium – £84.07 (€99.99)


2 thoughts on “Tirpitz Available on EU

  1. when i saw the tooooorpitz deal i near died laughing and thought it was a joke that is the most ridiculous price ive ever seen for a ship in wows and its still a 100 times better deal than the pz2j offers they do in wot from time to time

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