Tankfest Special Refund‏

Basically WG EU screwed up somewhat and forgot to activate a discount. Now they return the 50 percent back.

Dear Commander,

During the day of 25-06-2016, 05:10  until 25-06-2016, 17:00 (UTC times) you made purchases of consumables. As you may be aware, we had planned to have a 50% discount for your consumable purchases on that day. Due to an error on our side you were not able to benefit from the mentioned discount on your purchased consumable’s. We were able to identify the affected accounts including yours and are now happy to refund you 50% of your purchased consumables during that period both in gold and credits.

This refund should be apparent on your account as you read these lines. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and please rest assured that we will do our best to avoid similar issues in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your customer service team.


12 thoughts on “Tankfest Special Refund‏

  1. WG added this on Sunday:

    Due to technical reasons the 50% discount on consumables initially announced as part of this special is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our players.


  2. I believe WG should compensate anyone in this case, bcs it’s not a players job to recheck details and updates of specials. WG at its best, ducking our asses to become more flexible :( :( :(


  3. Unfortunately I bought some consumables, like 750 of them. Will get no refund because I bought it on a sunday which means I won’t get a refund… Thanks wargaming, f*ck up a special but only compensate those who bought it within 12 hours of the start. No bother in compensating others who didn’t notice the f*ckup or forgot.

    Oh well, I bought loads so I will use them! Grinded 4 million credits this week, will just wait till the next consumable discount so I will buy sh*tloads of them and save me some.


  4. 1. Check if the 50% discount is indeed in effect
    2. Buy as much as you can afford
    3. Profit

    Some genius bought for gold. Give the man a Darwin Award.

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  5. Double fuckup. They compensate but with conditions and only partially.
    I did not get any refund. I should get a few million credits back. I spent around 5,000,000. Damn you WG.
    What would they lose if they would be 100% correct. Nothing. What would they gain, my trust and my willingness to spend -possibly- real money. Total idiots.


  6. WG as usual. They even didn’t bother to put this discount again in this weekends special for all the people who can read.
    Now we have to wait again for God only knows how much time for the discount to reappear at some point..


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