New, additional TAP Author

Howdy TAP-Readers,

The Almighty Seb has granted me access to be an author on TAP. Many thanks for that! I have contributed with 3 articles so far, but I might appear on a more regular basis.

I am a 25 year old Dutchy living abroad with a butt-load of WWII documentation on shelf for juicy articles.

My main focus will be historical/strategical articles on tanks. If you have any questions to ask I will be more than happy to answer them.

Happy weekend to all,



31 thoughts on “New, additional TAP Author

  1. historical articles?

    if you could do some on the italian campaign i’d like that. freaking US History books literally skip over that in 2 sentences…

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    1. Especially, while they were inside the Soviet Union. History here in the U.S. always skips over Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian, etc involvement in WWII. Its a shame really :/

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  2. tomah4wk90
    You can throw Borderlands’ Tediore guns like tomahawk
    Borderlands also have Hyperion guns
    Hyperion guns look like P90
    P90 shoot bullets
    Who also got shot by bullets?
    Osama Bin Laden.
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    ISIS are also terrorists.
    P90 is black.
    ISIS flag is also black.
    America has flag and also black people.
    What native people America has?
    Indians use tomahawks.
    Who fought indians?
    Who also was westerner?
    Clint Eastwood.

    We have clear evidence that tomah4wk90 is Clint Eastwood.

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          1. He wants to be addressed as High Warlord Of Infernal Flames of Eternal Empire The Death and Life Himself His Highness Above Peasants and Unworthy The Great Master Grand Zefy.

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