Next Possible Historical Articles

Hello! I’m just letting you be aware of new historical articles that may come soon. If you have any suggestions, I would like to know. Here is a small list in no particular order that I made.

  • Romanian MLI-84M
  • British Whippet
  • Possible camouflages for World of Tanks
  • Maresal tank destroyer (using archival material from Pitești and Bucharest)
  • Other WWI vehicles
  • M8 and M18 usage in Manila (suggested by GrimmaceNA)
  • Spanish Civil War vehicles (suggested by careoran)
  • New Zealand’s Bob Semple (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Other New Zealand vehicles (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Heavy French SPGs of WWI (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Possible tier 5 light tank for the Soviets (suggested by ladydreamsicle)

24 thoughts on “Next Possible Historical Articles

  1. I saw in a video that USSR got a shipment of Crusader tanks via lend-lease from the British. I haven’t seen anything else about it anywhere though. Would be neat to see it in the USSR tech tree as a Tier V light if only to replace the gap left over from the T-50-2’s removal.

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    1. I think I have a possible Soviet tier V light tank that may fit. It would be great if the Crusader was to fit in tier 5. However, WarGamimg has said that they won’t accept complete copypaste tanks unless the tank has recieved any modifications of any kind.


  2. Wouldnt mind seeing an article about the Maresal if it’s “new” and / or detailed information.
    Always thought it was an interesting little TD.


  3. Could it be possible to do article about some lesser known improvised tanks, like Bob Semple tank or other New Zealand projects all together, I’ve always found the concept of improvised armor to be fascinating.
    Another possible article is about French heavy artillery projects in WWI, since I’ve seen pictures of super heavy SPG made by French.
    Otherwise, you have my support on the articles, I’m huge fan of WWI armor so good to see them here too.

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  4. hey any admins wanna help me out? IS3A is only on sale for another 20 hours, can anyone put up a poll to see if it is worth buying?


    1. “Third Axis, Forth Ally” by Mark Axworthy has quite a lot of great information on the Maresal and other Romanian tanks. I suggest you give it a download on

      It’s a detailed look of the Romanian army of WWII with airplanes and warships included. Luckily, the sources list of Axworthy’s book has given us the location of the information in the archives. We want to verify it and look deeper.

      Pitesti has a national military archive, but they’re stingy about declassifying archival material. The military museums in Bucharest has a TR-77-580 which we want to measure the thickness.


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