Next Possible Historical Articles

Hello! I’m just letting you be aware of new historical articles that may come soon. If you have any suggestions, I would like to know. Here is a small list in no particular order that I made.

  • Romanian MLI-84M
  • British Whippet
  • Possible camouflages for World of Tanks
  • Maresal tank destroyer (using archival material from Pitești and Bucharest)
  • Other WWI vehicles
  • M8 and M18 usage in Manila (suggested by GrimmaceNA)
  • Spanish Civil War vehicles (suggested by careoran)
  • New Zealand’s Bob Semple (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Other New Zealand vehicles (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Heavy French SPGs of WWI (suggested by Red Wolf)
  • Possible tier 5 light tank for the Soviets (suggested by ladydreamsicle)