Q&A – 27th June 2016

– “Version 9.15.1 does not have serious changes, only several updated content elements and fixes” – why do it then`? It will only break mods; – Play without mods;
 – Hard to understand why the minimap scale is not unified. Some tank icons are gigantic, tank names are overlapping. Dense maps prevent understanding anything in chokepoints;

– Trouble with interface is because of transition to ActionScript 3. We’ll fix this;
– Are there any estimates of how many mods will break because of AS3 and how long until they get fixed? – All interface mods, no guesses regarding time;
– T95E2 HD is on the test already, but not in the patchnotes. Patchnotes bug or will it not be introduced? – I’m not doing patchnotes for the last two patches already, will ask;
– What about Lorraine replacement? In 9.15.1 it apparently goes like this: old tank with crew is taken away, and the new has an incomplete crew! – Is the patch out yet? Crew will be fixed;
– This is weird, I cannot join the test, tried to join from other accounts – works fine. The first server says “you have been disconnected”, the second – “incomplete session on another server”; – Test has such bugs sometimes, it’ll be like this until server restart;
– Batchat is an adequate replacement, but the statistics are worse than tier 9 Skoda. But there are 2 points: 1. 4th crew member, 2. bad viewrange, give it at least 390m; – 1. We’ll fix that, 2. No idea, got to ask;
– New minimaps are a fail. Either do this to all maps or don’t do it at all, but how it is now reminds of some alpha on Steam Early Access; – The idea is to look whether such minimaps get good reception. If yes – we’ll change all others;
– New minimaps are better, that’s a fact; – I think so too, but we wanted to test them first;
– Did you change anything in the Obj 140 model? I can’t penetrate it as easily in the region of the nearest drive-wheel; – We didn’t touch it, have to look at the model;


59 thoughts on “Q&A – 27th June 2016

  1. – “Version 9.15.1 does not have serious changes, only several updated content elements and fixes” – why do it then`? It will only break mods; – Play without mods;
    Yeah, fuck you too.

    I have nothing else to say.

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  2. So bat will have 3 crewmembers on live? I like that they are just testing whether the minimaps and hopefully will listen to feedback, very un-WG like (although IDGAF how the minimaps look tbh).

    And this is just gold :P

    – “Version 9.15.1 does not have serious changes, only several updated content elements and fixes” – why do it then`? It will only break mods; – Play without mods;

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        1. XVM….dubious.
          Smooth zoom – nah.
          Battle assi- YOU FUCKING ARTY BUSHWANKER CUNT – aka the mentally handicapped twat.


  3. If people would atleast try to adapt to playing without mods, they’d see they are not really missing anything. Ofc some “quality of life” mods should be implemented – multilined tank carousel, hitlog, and session stats would be nice. I don’t see point in other mods (damage panel just brings “gold noob” toxicity, XVM is cancer and should be banned, battle assistant is being implemented).


      1. “they’d see they are not really missing anything. Ofc some “quality of life” mods should be implemented”


        1. You can live without those mods. Only mod I have are session stats and I can live without that one aswell. Not sure if stupid or just retarded fuck.


            1. Yes because suffering significant physical injury is totally the same thing as not being able to use mod in an online game.


              1. Ok maybe I went too deep into my own style.

                Next example: would you rather do math worth of 4 A4 papers on paper (really simple stuff – adding, multiplying – no logoritms) or do the same with a calculator?

                Thats what happens with hitlogs (and after fuckload of years the minimap) – you dont need to remember what was where or keep your eyes peeled for special effect or listen for distinctive sound to know what is being shot at you.

                Mods make game more comfortable.

                And if you dont use them – probably 1200-1800wn you are. Not a guess – its a fact.


              2. People play games to have fun.
                Vanilla game is lacking, mods fix this.
                Therefore it is less fun without mods.

                Are you able to understand this?


          1. Many of the best players play without mods. I guess they are too stupid and can’t install mods aswell?
            Actually installing mods overloads you with useless info and you focus less on important things, and your performance drops. But whatever, we need more 45% bots (not talking about your right now) who cry about not being able to have anime skins in the game and threatening WG that they’ll uninstall the game.


              1. damage panel just brings “gold noob” toxicity
                Many of the best players play without mods.

                Can you guess how many players with high ratings spam premium rounds and always use premium consumables and camo?


                1. It’s in the game. Everyone can use it. When WG removes it they are not going to use it. What the fuck is the argument?

                  Or do you dislike ppl that play the E5 because it’s OP? Do you hate ppl playing autoloaders because you can’t deal with them?
                  Just like premium rounds and premium consumables, they are in the game and everyone can use them. Also, many bad players spam premium ammo and use premium consumables aswell, nobody hates them for that. Only good players are hated when they use premium consumables etc.


                    1. But it’s not pay to win because EVERYBODY can buy it for in game currency. If you can’t get currency it’s your problem. If it was for gold only, it would be P2W, because you’d have to pay real money to get it.


                    2. But it’s not pay to win because EVERYBODY can buy it for in game currency.

                      If you can’t get currency it’s your problem.

                      You mean if you did not buy premium account?
                      Manipulating and dodging the issues, so petty and obtuse.


                    3. What… what is it? Is it mah account, with no chocolate on E50, with no APCR only? NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT? :O Gold that I didn’t pay for?

                      If you struggle with credits because you fire too much premium ammo and use consumables, find a clan that has lots of credit bonuses, level 10 financial unit gives you +50% credit income, very good way to earn credits. Even if you are not good you can play T6 and still get decent bonuses. Are you a solo player? There were marathons for T8 premium.

                      You want gold? Play CW’s, or tournaments. Are you not good enough or are you a solo player? There are 1 v 1 tournaments, across multiple tiers I think, you can play them. Again, if you are not that good, play lower tiers tournaments, and usually lots of teams/people don’t show up so you can progress without effort.

                      There are many ways to earn credits or get gold in this game, whether you are good or not. You don’t have to pay anything. You do have to “pay” in time, but that’s how F2P models work. You either pay in time or money. WG has to make money somehow you know. And most people are too lazy to do what I listed above, or don’t want to invest their time, so they invest the money.


                    4. Damn, that is one fugly tank. This is my acc honest!

                      Nice mental gymnastics you got there.
                      The point that you are running away from is; that shit(prem ammo, consumables and camo) skewers the game balance.

                      Which is bad. No? Whatever, keep the mental gymnastics up.


                    5. You say premium stuff is bad for the game because it’s P2W. I tell you everyone is free to buy it for credits. You say without premium account you can’t afford to buy them. I list you lots of way to get gold or credits. You say that those things fuck up the balance.
                      Well look at sandbox, little to none premium ammo fired, heavies are dominant, nobody wants to play the mediums, only HT’s, well armored TD’s and arties are played. Gut balance ya? Unless there will be big changes to map design and tanks penetration, premium ammo will have to stay in the game. Food is a tradeoff, it improves your tank but you have to get rid of either fire extinguisher or first aid kit if you have JOAT. I’d argue that bad player who gets shot at more then he fires is not going to benefit from food because he’ll get get set on fire or lose his crew members too often.
                      Premium first aid kid and repair kit don’t have any tradeoffs and are kinda imbalanced yeah, on the other hand they don’t give you huge advantage and are the mainly used because arty=balance (aka 2 dead crewmembers or lost module+detrack etc).
                      We can go on and on, you’ll always find a way to tell me how premium ammo and consumables are P2W, which is total bullshit.

                      BTW you don’t believe that it is my account or what?


                    6. No arguments left so you gotta resort to ad hominem attacks? Well done sir, you won the interwebz.


                2. Sometimes it’s nice to know if you got penned simply because you were angling badly, or whether it was a gold round…
                  Anyway, the in game ‘hiss’ tells you when someone is spamming premium HEAT, and the size of the hole tells you whether a shell was AP or APCR, so the ‘gold noob’ toxicity will be there without the damage panel mods.

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                  1. But that’s the thing, hiss tells you it was HEAT, and you can distinguish between AP and APCR aswell, same with HE, you can distinguish HE simply by a tracer. You don’t need damage panel, just use your eyes and ears. It takes some knowledge though, whereas damage panel just tells you without having this knowledge. And most people crying “gold noob” don’t have this knowledge.

                    BTW I’m pretty sure everyone with enough battles was called “gold noob” firing APCR from T10 mediums, or something like Charioteer/Bulldog etc.

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              2. https://wot-life.com/eu/player/X3N4/

                I can link you twitch streams of all of them if you want to make sure they play vanilla. Some of them have things like session stats but that’s pretty much it.

                I don’t deny there are some great players that play with mods but mods are not something you need to be good.


            1. And if you gonna show player in E-sports – which is fucking controlled and expectable environment – Imma go full mental rage.


              1. Some of those ppl that I listed do play WGL, the ones with “GoHard” in front of their name. Nothing stopping them from using the mods outside of WGL though, just keep your mods in a special folder, delete red_mods before events and copy them back after the event is done. Much hard, such work right?

                Rest of those ppl don’t play WGL, atleast I don’t know about it.


  4. The only thing I don’t get and never will is why it has taken WG so long to figure out that mods exist because the game is lacking features that players actually want! ya its great that some resourceful folks out there have made mods and sold them and made a tidy profit on them. WG figured out after how many years that the Mini map rings were something every one wanted and zoom features. They just need to throw all the good mods into the game and then lock out the code and be done with it. Players want the SPG assist, and hit/damage logs. stuff o track your own stats are great, ditch XVM compatibility so you don’t get stat padding bitches targeting the helpless noobs and maybe just maybe the game will become more enjoyable.


  5. I’ve never used mods. They can make it easier, in other words: you don’t have to think as much yourself. That ‘thinking’ seperates the baddies from the good players and that’s a good thing in a skill-based game. I do fine without mods. I’m not a unicum, but I know how to play: https://wot-life.com/eu/player/bbmoose/

    XVM should be banned. It’s cancerous, I remember when turning ‘green’, suddenly people start to focus you more then when I was ‘yellow’. It doesn’t have an impact on the outcome of the game for both sides, it just makes the game for good players more frustrating.

    Damage panel? Makes people focus on dmg, instead of winning the game. Hitlog? Just listen to the sound of incoming hits or look at the penetrationmarks on your tank.

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