Q&A – 27th June 2016

– “Version 9.15.1 does not have serious changes, only several updated content elements and fixes” – why do it then`? It will only break mods; – Play without mods;
 – Hard to understand why the minimap scale is not unified. Some tank icons are gigantic, tank names are overlapping. Dense maps prevent understanding anything in chokepoints;

– Trouble with interface is because of transition to ActionScript 3. We’ll fix this;
– Are there any estimates of how many mods will break because of AS3 and how long until they get fixed? – All interface mods, no guesses regarding time;
– T95E2 HD is on the test already, but not in the patchnotes. Patchnotes bug or will it not be introduced? – I’m not doing patchnotes for the last two patches already, will ask;
– What about Lorraine replacement? In 9.15.1 it apparently goes like this: old tank with crew is taken away, and the new has an incomplete crew! – Is the patch out yet? Crew will be fixed;
– This is weird, I cannot join the test, tried to join from other accounts – works fine. The first server says “you have been disconnected”, the second – “incomplete session on another server”; – Test has such bugs sometimes, it’ll be like this until server restart;
– Batchat is an adequate replacement, but the statistics are worse than tier 9 Skoda. But there are 2 points: 1. 4th crew member, 2. bad viewrange, give it at least 390m; – 1. We’ll fix that, 2. No idea, got to ask;
– New minimaps are a fail. Either do this to all maps or don’t do it at all, but how it is now reminds of some alpha on Steam Early Access; – The idea is to look whether such minimaps get good reception. If yes – we’ll change all others;
– New minimaps are better, that’s a fact; – I think so too, but we wanted to test them first;
– Did you change anything in the Obj 140 model? I can’t penetrate it as easily in the region of the nearest drive-wheel; – We didn’t touch it, have to look at the model;