Wargaming.FM Q&A

This Q&A was translated by our new contact, Reelyo. He’ll mostly work on continuing our WoWS TAP Q&A series, but only a part of the picked questions will be chosen (mostly due to irrelevance or being outdated). Greet our new helper!

Summary of ‘Developer’s hour’ radio show on Wargaming FM. Special episode for ‘WoT Football Championship’.

Special guest of the show Pavel Vorobey, project manager of Wargaming.net Offline Competitive Gaming division.

      – Yes, there is an issue with players using forbidden mods in football mode. Modificated aim is being used (this mod auto aims at football), these players receive a substantial advantage. We learned to identify these people and you might’ve seen the first stage of disqualifications. At present we are actively monitoring and fight illegal mods usage.

– 22 thousand teams registered for the Championship, so it became one of the biggest tournaments we held. There was only one similar in scale – WoT Race Championship.

– This Monday afternoon the list of second round games will be ready (June 28-29th).

– Artashes Antonyan (Арташес Антонян, Belorussian play-by-play announcer) will host the Cup Final live July 9th at 18:00 MSK (3 pm GMT). The show will be big and interesting.

– There were no fixed matches noticed. Such arrangements are rather hard to make.

– No points are given for defeat in overtime.

– Before group stage games we held an inspection and removed tanks. (of Cheaters). Every Championship stage we will carry out additional inspections and ban guilty players!

– This year the football physics behavior is more realistic.

– We did consider a scenario with a reserve player in the tournament. But most of the time this player would not play in this tournament, and we decided to limit a team to three players. It’s better and easier to create your own team.