113: SD vs HD Armor

Thanks to W:

In Common Test 113 has nice armor. A lot of parts are buffed and only commander´s hatches are slightly nerfed. Side armor behind spaced armor looks like more sloped now (like IS-3) and side spaced armor extends on frontal armor a little bit more.  Generaly it´s a big buff.


2 thoughts on “113: SD vs HD Armor

  1. It’s basically NOT that buffed. Side main armor behind the side spaced armor still stands at vertical angle. And the frontal spaced armor part is just a bullshit trick by Wargaming in that there is a 200mm main armor which is barely angled behind the frontal spaced armor and therefore this part is weaker than upper frontal plate even versus HEAT rounds. So when you perform sidescraping that part is more likely to be penetrated than before. Just check it out in the Tank Inspector. Upper side armor and frontal turret armor got buffed definitely though.


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