FV304 HD Size Change

It’s uglier now. From Redditor Vrisvi


16 thoughts on “FV304 HD Size Change

      1. Well, according to all the blueprints/photos/size comparison pictures I could find, the fv304 should be around 4x2x2 meters in dimensions, while the m41 HMC should be at least 5 meters in length (judging from the m41 suspension). So in reality it really would’ve been tiny.

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    1. Well the FV is that not big as in the image. As the 3805 is way bigger then the 304 anyway. And even so… the 304 is not as big as an M41 according to WG and other sources. SO why it’s bigger on that image? No idea. But then again tank sizes have been changed form test to final more then once. But most bought it for the small size and thus it made it more fun in TD more. I suspect the bigger size will make some sell it. I like my little speed demon. But then again… WOT is not known for historical accuracy anyway. So why care?


    1. Not sure if joking, but it is comparison between FV304 and M41HMC, T5 american arty. The first screenshot is from current version, you can see that size difference between them is quite big, second is from 9.15.1 and you can see they are almost the same size.


  1. I downloaded the test client just to see this (and the HD G.W. Pather.
    Yupp, it’s huge now.
    And the HD G.W. Panther is fucked up, too.



  2. WG, WTH? Leave the damn FV304 alone! it used to be fast enough to outrun almost every tank, then you nerf’d it. Then you nerf’d the reload time. Then you nerf’d the sight in time by making the target circle larger after each shot. Now you make it larger target, yet we still have to literally drive into the battle to get close enough to hit something?!?!? Put it back like it used to be. You made it slow and large with a slow reload and short range. NOT HAPPY!

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