WoWS Q&A – 25th June 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU Forums

Some news from the getfun digest:

1. New port has been unpacked from the 0.5.7 client. A map (top view) of the port can be seen at 0.49.

2. The USS Flint characteristics have been unpacked from the 0.5.7 client. She has two turrets less than USS Atlanta. But even better AA at the close range (slightly worse at the long range). The reason being the higher caliber of the Bofors 40mm guns installed on the USS Flint. Most importantly, the USS Flint has better torpedoes (Mahan torpedoes) and smoke.

3. On 22.06 there was a very short-lived announcement (on a Spanish forum, ours?) of a new game mode with forts (bastion) in the public test of 0.5.8. A similar message shortly appeared on the Russian forum. Both were deleted as soon as possible. SubOctavian told the community to chill and wait for the announcement of the public test, without denying the statement.