Yuri P. on French Branch: It will NOT be complete

Yuri Pasholok said that French heavy branch should’ve been from tier 2. But now it seems that no vehicles from tier 2 through 7 will be present. Apparently, several guys from balancing department f***ed so hard with the vehicles there that they’re not implementable, he tells.

What a shame… >:(


38 thoughts on “Yuri P. on French Branch: It will NOT be complete

  1. How did I guess that something like this was going to happen? Oh, wait, it’s WG. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If this is true, I kinda hope that they’ll implement the tier 8-10 first and then add the tier 2-7 later on after they’ve fixed their balance issues (maybe even after the Swedish branch). Yet again, another case for the French tree where they have a plethora of candidates to choose from, but either refuse to implement the perfectly-acceptable ones or screw them up somehow. :\

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  2. Japanese heavies made it into the game, don’t tell me WG is unable to balance some T2-7 tanks. Either a lie WG sucks (both are equally possible :) )

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    1. Sorry mate, no point chasing blind hope like that.
      We have teh Czech tree only because SS was so adamant in making it.
      Yet, they managed to fuck up the vehicle descriptions anyway…

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  3. I’m not even the slightest surprised.
    Enraged? Yes. But not surprised.
    I hate the frogs alright, sure, but they made some interesting concepts, plus the armor weakness is always appealing for me, so, why must WG always fuck it up, I just simply don’t understand.


  4. “Apparently, several guys from balancing department f***ed so hard with the vehicles there that they’re not implementable, he tells.”

    Yuri being full of shit, what a surprise. Please tell, dear Yuri Pashlofuckyourselfov, how exactly does the process of fucking balancing up beyond repairability actually work? What makes it impossible to balance them to workable numbers? Hm? What keeps your balancing departement from doing that? Word of god? Yuri, you’re an asshole and complete dickhead. I wouldn’t shed a single fucking tear, if you would be run over by a car tomorrow and die after a week of agony, being locked in a locked-in-coma-state, so you can’t even scream or tell anyone that you need pain-medication. Fuck you, fuck your work, fuck everything that touches you.


    1. I assume he means the vehicles are so fucked up they need to be balanced from the start and thus won’t make it on time for the branch implementation. The statement doesn’t indicate that they won’t come later, unless something was lost in translation.

      Kind of what happened with the second Soviet medium branch, where originally Object 430 was going to be a tier 9 leading to Object 140. They ended up releasing the branch without a tier 9 and added Object 430 II much later, accompanied by Object 430 as a tier 10.

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  5. honestly id rather them delay the entire line until their all balanced than release a third of a tech tree also my anger will be unrivaled if they make me use the amx m4 45 again i suffered through that total piece of shit if i need to buy it again i will not be grinding the line. arl 44 im good with that tank is pretty unique and has some nice qualities the m4 is a total piece of shit i enjoyed the sturer emil grind more than the m4s grind.


    1. I agree with most of your post but I definitely enjoyed the M4 45 grind more than the horrible Emil grind. I skipped the Emil and went to the Borsig while I spent 60k free xp because I couldn’t take it.

      About the French line I agree they should wait with that, not that I will start at tier 1 but would like to see what´s in store for tier 4/5 and go from there. I don’t fancy starting out at tier 8 and getting to 10 in a short period of time, I take time to complete grinds.

      Curious to know how they could f*ck up so badly with tier 1-7 tanks. I really wonder if they can implement them still, even after the release of tier 8-10 tanks. Start from scratch instead of fixing f*cked up stuff?


  6. Ugh, I kinda expected it won’t be whole line (Remember French meds? ‘Course ya do), but dude; Could ya get there atleast the tier VII? I seriously don’t wanna play that PoS ’45.


  7. Am i the only one here who thinks this is actually great? Why would you want to play or use free xp on some stupid low tiers?


    1. No, tier 1 to 3/4 isprobably bad and boring (after handfull of battles you have unlocked next tier) Only from tier 5 onwards It can be interesting. Experienced that with Jap heavie line and Czech line.


      1. Being French (and as you can see, able to write in English !), if you want some help or informations for some specific points, come on the topic, we can probably translate and provide this information (as photos, descriptions or development comments). The document is focused on building the tree, and is missing pictures or details, but we have them.

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