Sandbox 1.0.1 Stats

Thanks to our trusty source.

I wish TAP readers a good night. See you tomorrow!

AMX 50B pen drop

T57 HT pen buff + new drop (better than 50B now)

T110E4 new pen drop (better than Grille 15 at sniping now)

Grille 15 (150mm TD comparison with T110E4)

M48A1 patton buff + new pen drop

Leopard 1 comparison with M48A1

Foch 155 new 120mm + new drop

RU251 pen drop

T-54 light pen drop

AMX 13 90 pen drop


Apparently Sandbox has a reduction in penetration for ALL shells (both gold and standard). All tier 10 non-TD HEAT gold ammo is 290mm of pen or below, even the T-54 with its infamous 330 pen HEAT got smacked down to 240mm pen (and the AP is even worse… GG).

(See pic with M48 Patton)


12 thoughts on “Sandbox 1.0.1 Stats

  1. rip leo
    you got boned by WG. now even M48 has more pen than you.

    hi M48. sucks your pen drop is so bad. i think i’ll stuck to non APCR tanks….so heavies and 121. RIP

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There are already many tanks that suffer because most fight are close range, we need more long range fight, not more close range fights if anything.

      If u ask which tanks struggle – mediums without armor, TD’s without armor, lights…. basically every tank that has shit armor sucks in the current meta. I though Sandbox will bring more long range fighting, not as much as there used to be but slightly more than currently in live. Instead they are doing the opposite.


      1. I don’t actually care which is better, between long range or close range. I just suggested damage dropping would be more intuitive since they seems to intend close range battle


      2. BatChat and Leo 1 are suffering in the current meta? I think not. Granted, the Russian Holy Trinity + 907 will always be the best, because you know, Stronk Soviet Tenks.


        1. Yes Leo 1 is trash. Yes it can snipe. RU med, CAX, E50M etc can snipe as well as Leo can. Leo has shitty gun handling, gets penned by everything, every T7 scout can pen it frontally no problem. Suffers heavily from arty hits, gets ammoracked often. It seems to be more popular on NA than EU but I don’t know anyone good on EU who likes to play Leo 1.


  2. Still no updates to the Fv215b’s armor…they destroyed the gun and mobility and all we got is 100mm extra armor on the small turret cheeks…so they’re 203mm now instead of 100mm, which only helps when looking directly at the enemy. Not worth even 10% of the massive nerfs the tank received in return.


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