Sentinel AC 4 Experimental Available in the EU Premium Shop

Tank and Slot, only 14.80 € (I feel bad for the British TAP readers since the GPB dropped so hard)


39 thoughts on “Sentinel AC 4 Experimental Available in the EU Premium Shop

              1. Hey, that sounds like a good idea!
                I can already see it!

                VISEGRÁD UNION
                And the flag will be of a potato! :D
                Wait, actually, as I’m thinking about it, perhaps a serious thing could born out of this.
                What would be a proper, non-trollish flag for the Visegrád Group? I mean, the logo (as seen on the wiki page ) is… well, it’s shit.

                Any suggestions? No Woras, I’m not asking you this time.

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  1. true, the “brain drain”, thats what academical migration is basically called, is what hits Romania hard, hopefully your country will find a turn around.
    Britain has economically now extremely hard years ahead of them,
    e.g. we expect and see already harsh drops in revenue, which will unavoidably mean reduction in force in our UK offices :( and we are just one big company who is seeing this since a few month since the unhealthy brexit campaign started, the negative impacts of socialist nationalism …
    Many have unfortunately not understood that you can be patriot and still be part of a free market.

    Then again, this blog is probably not the right place to discuss this, I am sorry, a sad day today

    well I bought the Sentinel :)

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    1. Romania needs to block emmigration of Romanians. We can survive even with the corrupt government if we just work. That’s all :D Thing is, noone wants to do it the hard way…

      Nationalism is good for poor countries like mine, but not for the powers who already do well – and can do so under any political rule, cause of something that I can „national inertia” – some countries are powers whatever the governments/restrictions (Germany, Japan after WW2)

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    2. I feel most sorry for the 16-20 year olds who are going to have to enter the job market in a couple of years.
      And British agriculture workers who export their goods overseas. They’re not going to be doing too well…

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    3. I’m glad that Britain has left. They will take a hit but I’m sure they will recover. Its better in the long run so they won’t be part of an EU superstate


      National anthem – Ode to Joy
      Cental bank
      Possible EU army
      etc, etc

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      1. Well, in a way, the UK didn’t want to be part of the EU, but they nonetheless wanted to get all the advantages of an EU country. So… it had to happen someday…

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  2. im from the north of ireland and im just going to say we are fucked if half the shit ive heard is true. all these numptys who think that the north of ireland is part of the uk or britain are delusional they dont understand that england doesnt give a rats ass about northern ireland neither does wales. (scotland im not sure about) plus we are in the situation where ive heard that the republic of ireland if we were to leave the uk probably doesnt even want the north because their still recovering and paying off debts they couldnt afford to join with the north if they wanted to. look i didnt care personally about being considered part of the uk although id still say i was irish if someone asked me where i was from because no one cares about the political crap involved in it but i did like the idea of being part of the eu i was looking forward to the future and potentially being able to freely travel and go to other countries something which will drastically increase in difficulty because of this. this in my opinion is a really short sighted decision. instead of the uk becoming a total powerhouse of nation with the best and brightest of the eu migrating to the country instead people have decided to basically piss away all that potential. ive also got no doubt a some amount of people voting to leave is down to racism and resentment that things arent the same as they used to be and that foreigners are moving to the uk but no matter how hard you want to go against it that change isnt going to stop so this whole thing is a titanic waste of time and is only going to make life harder for people who are stuck with this decision. it is so aggravating and disappointing at the same time.

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      1. in my mind the best outcome of this could be a possible restructure of how the eu operates i know it has some really crappy aspects to it and theres the infamous statement about how the eu if it was a country trying to apply for eu membership it would be told it wasnt democraitc enough. ive already seen things stating that people in denmark i believe it was are already calling for theirnown eu referendum so maybe the eu will collapse and possibly be replaced by a similar organization that does the same things but in a less shitty way.

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      2. If france leave then we can talk about EU being dead, Ireland, wales and Scotland want to stay in the EU. So wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to leave UK for this. England be cray cray

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        1. honestly its always confused me why wales ni and scotland are together with england its kinda dumb honestly because it takes the other 3 voting all together 100% of the population to out vote england with about 65% turn out so it doesnt matter what the others do englands vote always overrules the others and since scotland is way way more progressive than england it made no sense for them to be part of the uk. i actually think that the uk being part of the eu (im pretty sure that eu members threatened scotland with them not being able to join the eu if they leave the uk during the scotland independence election so if they had left at that point it wouldve been rough for them but now i could see the eu being welcoming to them) was the only reason that they remained part of the uk and now thats gone i wouldnt be surprised to see them leaving the uk before the end of 2017. also nis vote was far more for remain than id heard estimates for it to be. i had heard the best ni could expect overall for remain would be about 40% but instead they actually overcame the leave side so i dont know whats going to happen there all i know is that sinn fein is calling for a poll on irish unity and id say their probably right to say that now because clearly the country is way more in favor of the eu than people thought i dont think it would win but i think it would be very interesting to see the results of especially since there is now a very strong argument for leaving the uk where there wasnt really any need to before. maybe ireland could take advantage of the economic opportunity that england was soo excited to pass on. only time will tell.

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          1. If you ask me i would say to Ireland, Scotland, Wales to just leave the UK. England shoulden’t drag them down with them to be honest. It is clearly shown that they want to remain in the EU. England think this is only going to be a short term downfall, but it’s gonna affect them more then they think in the long run.
            The only good thing with this is that it will give EU a bit of a kick to improve itself, like you said.

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      1. Got one (am on SEA). Easy (and lazy) way to describe it is as a Brommie version of the firefly.

        To be more specific The guns good and depression very good. It does take a while to get going but on the flat gets speed up and running down a hill is hilarious. Basically sit back a little and support. At top tier you can brawl a little dependent on the opponent and when bottom you can still cause grief to tier 8 ht even with standard shells if they show you the side ( or use gold if they don’t). As long as you’re using it to grind a good crew it’s a fun little tonk


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