9.15.1 Patchnotes

Game Features

Improved Sound

  • Added a separate sound for damage from HE shells to your own vehicle (upon indirect hits and splash damage)
  • Added a sound informing that an allied vehicle was destroyed
  • Implemented 3D positioning for the sound of spotting enemy vehicles
  • Reworked the sound of tracks (accentuated the track sound for vehicles with a high-powered gasoline engine)
  • Implemented a sound preset for laptops to adapt the sound scheme for playback on internal speakers at the highest quality possible
  • Added “Bass boost” option

Personal Reserves

  • Personal Reserves can be purchased from the “Personal Reserves” window

Technical Improvements

  • Reworked the effects of vehicle side scraping (now more realistic)
  • Optimized various performance aspects


  • ISU-130:
    • Decreased dispersion on the move with ISU-130 suspension by 40%
    • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse with ISU-130 suspension by 40%
    • Changed maximum reverse speed from 12 km/h to 14 km/h

    • Changed top speed from 34 km/h to 38km/h
    • Changed view range of ISU-130 turret from 350m to 380m
    • Changed aiming time of 130mm S-26 gun from 2.5 seconds to 2.1 seconds
    • Changed reload time of 130mm S-26 gun from 12 seconds to 10.3 seconds
    • Changed dispersion of 130mm S-26 gun from 0.4m to 0.37m
  • Replaced the Lorraine 40t with the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP
  • Added the following vehicles for Supertesters:
    • Object 257
    • Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
    • T95/Chieftain
    • VK 65.01 (H)
    • Rheinmetall Skorpion
    • Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger
  • Reworked the following vehicles for HD quality:
    • МТ-25
    • G.W. E 100
    • FV304
    • Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (Designation changed, previously the Hetzer)
    • Dicker Max
    • Pz.Kpfw. III
    • E 75
    • Waffentrager auf Pz. IV
    • АТ-1
    • AMX 13 75
    • SU-100Y
    • SU-100M1
    • T57 Heavy Tank
    • Großtraktor – Krupp
    • M37
    • 113
    • G.W. Tiger (P)
    • 121
    • M22 Locust
    • FV125b (183)
    • M8A1
    • T-34-1
    • Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger
    • G.W. Panther
  • Changed the following HD models:
    • Tortoise
    • M103
    • M18 Hellcat
    • Maus


  • Remade the minimaps for “Prokhorovkz,” “Ensk” and “El Halluf”
  • Released the “Paris” map for the first Public Test iteration only
  • Updated effects on the following maps:
    • Training Area
    • Karelia
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Prokhorovka
    • Ruinberg
    • Mines
    • Erlenberg
    • Widepark
    • Sand River
    • El Halluf
    • Airfield
    • Fiery Salient

12 thoughts on “9.15.1 Patchnotes

  1. As an owner of ISU130, im swear ISU120 problem is not all buff above. All that need it penetration. How the f*ck a slow, non-armor, tier 8 TD can survive at tier 10 battle with 215mm pen gun ?!!?

    I can deal with old stat, but pls buff ISU130 penetration up to 240mm. Current penetration even worse than stock KV4 and IS3 with 122mm D25T


    1. well, the Borsig is a slow, unarmored tier 8 TD, and with the 15cm gun, got only 200mm pen or something like that in the AP (of curse it can derp ppl with HE and ignore armor), but i already did plenty of AP shots in tiers 10 with the 15cm and did 750dmg rolls. =P


    2. FYI, Isu130 have HIGHEST 215mm pen for normal AP. Premium AP have higher damage but lower penetration (~189mm) . Imagine upgraded version of Su100y gun (in real life, Isu130 actually use naval 130mm gun of Su100y)

      At least Rhm have HEAT and APCR for 15cm and 12.8cm. fully rotate turret and high camo factor

      Heck, im feel so useless and hopeless when facing any tier 9~10 HT. 215mm pen not even reliable when shoot at E100/maus/Type4/5 side


  2. and we wonder why the game is going to hell….now we got idiots complaining that thier tier 8 tank can’t reliably pen a tier 10 superheavy.

    seriously… your post is just a fricking steaming pile of shit.


    1. I only see one idiot. Tier 8 TD with 215mm of penetration. Gun with bad accuracy so it can’t hit weakspots. It doesn’t have premium shells with higher penetration. It is slow, so it can’t get sides of heavies.

      215mm is not enough for T9 heavies. Hell it even struggles against the likes of an IS-3, O-Ho or angled KV-4. So please, tell me what TD that doesn’t have mobility, gun is inaccurate and it doesn’t have any penetration is supposed to do even in T9 battles, not even talking about T10.



    1. 0.38 accuracy. 2,4s aimtime.
      I never said it can’t pen, I said it struggles. You cannot reliably penetrate and IS-3.


    1. Well yeah, but fighting in a badly armored TD IS-3’s at close range is stupid to suicidal.

      And I still haven’t heard what is this TD supposed to do in T9 and T10 battles. Just pointed out that it can even struggle against some T8’s.

      But oh well, expert hulkaggedon doesn’t get bad RNG, all his shots go exactly where they need to, he can always flank his enemies in a slow TD, he wants to be invincible in his HT’s… and then he says other ppl are bad for this game :D


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