KongZhong: WG’s Certified Fake Tanks Provider

This is a mail recieved from mainland China (yep, the People’s Republic). Translated with the crucial help of Urakaze. In it, you can see that all the bad rumors about KZ were true:

Dear TAP Readers,
Hello, I am a Chinese student currently in primary education, I study English and German in school. My father was a tank mechanic when he was young (Though now he is a lecturer of cloud computing in a university), that’s why I got into World of Tanks.
KongZhong is in fact a completely independent company with no ties to WG. However, due to the strict laws imposed by the Chinese Government, WG must find a potent local game company to part with in order to enter the Chinese market, as a result, they chose KongZhong.
Duowan (Website) is a real-time voice and video streaming company that created YY (TN: YY is a popular streaming network in China that has over 300 million users), as well as a famous company in China for making up fake game news.
The two companies took part and created the infamous Tier 10 Light Tank incident back in January, with news spreading across the the whole playerbase of WoT (TN:Details here), only for it to be proved as fake three days later.
However, things are a bit different this time around, as the surging nationalism is spreading among the WoT playerbase in China, KongZhong decided to create a fictional Chinese TD line together with Duowan , the whole line, from tier 2 to tier 10, is completely fake, one major example is that China had no capability of manufacturing a 152mm anti-tank cannon, let alone mounting it on a tank destroyer. (TN: The tier 10 has a 152mm gun)
According to my father’s friend, the line from tier 2 to tier 6 will consist of hideous anti-tank vehicles, with casemate-style TDs based on medium and heavy tank chassis beginning from tier 7. KongZhong and Duowan recruited players who were good at industrial designs and had them design the tanks you see in the screenshots, with the sole aim of achieving their own commercial goals. I wonder is it correct that a game service provider implement their own fantasy tanks as one pleases into a game that has such a wide playerbase from around the world. My father’s friend is already discussing whether the implementation of this fictional line will damage WG’s reputation and become a laughing stock in the game community.
As I am still a minor, I wish the older players can communicate with WG. I hope to see a simple world, not commercial conspiracies.
Von Bloom