WG will not participate at Igromir 2016

WG will not go to Igromir 2016 (they originally planned to take part). Moreover, they will make their own major WG gaming event (with blackjack and arty).

Official message (Translated from Russian):

Dear friends!

Over the past year we conducted 40 meetings and tournaments for players in the cities of Russia and CIS. In total there were visited more than 100 000 people. Wherever we went, we were always welcomed with warmth and hospitality. The high popularity of these events prompted us to think about how to organize our own major festival dedicated to Wargaming games, where everyone will find something fun to taste, will be able to listen to great music and just relax.

It is very important to us that you are not only competing with each other in online battles, but also have the opportunity to meet in real life, talk with the developers and have a good time with the whole family.

The festival is scheduled to take place in Moscow this winter. For more information, we will inform later. Follow the news!

To approach to the organization of the festival to the maximum combat readiness and best form, we decided to withdraw from the “Igromir” exhibition this year.

It’s time for fun new format!