As some of you might already know, about 6 months ago I started a series of translated questions from TAP readers that were sent to the Russian forums where they would be answered by developers themselves. Bad thing is: the Russian contact (Maxim) used for the Q&As is not interested in the game anymore (bummer). We need a new one. Vlad is busy and currently only available for WoT stuff (and less-important news pieces like for example the recent Igromir WG post are polished and published entirely by me lately). So:

TAP needs a new Russian-speaking person to help with translating questions from English to Russian.

The process will be hard at first, but we’ll try as much as possible to revive what made TAP unique. I’m sorry for not being able to streamline it, and it hurts me as much as it disappoints you.


6 thoughts on “On WoWS TAP Q&A

  1. He might be interested again in the future. Who knows. I had a break for almost 5 months but I caught fire again after my visit to the HMS Belfast. ;-)

    Wish I could help with my 4 languages but Russian isn’t one of them. My father in law speaks Russian but no English.;-)

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  2. Hello, there

    I’m Russian but do speak some English.
    I’m also new to this blog – came from a link in comments from Rita’s blog. Very nice work with that!

    I play WoWs for two month only and like it a lot, the quality of the game, community management are one step above that of WoT. I also read most of what developers post in Russian forum, so yep, I can help you.

    Please contact me via email, or Russian forum message system, my nickname there Reelyo…


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