WoWS Leak: USS Flint (CL-97) – Tier VII Premium Cruiser Stats

Thanks again to Urakaze for translating  :mrgreen:

USS Flint (CL-97) 

Tier 7 Premium Cruiser


Ship HP: 26600
Deck Armour: 16~32 mm
Belt Armour: 89 mm
Max. Speed: 32.5 knots
Rudder Shift time: 8.3 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 610m
View Range: 21.3 km
Surface Detectability: 11 km
Air Detectability: 6.4 km
Main Battery
127mm/38 Mk32 mod.12 (6×2)
Range: 11.1 km
Reload time : 5 seconds
Turret rotation speed: 7.2 second per 180 degree
Firing arc: +/- 149~150 degree
HE Shell: 1800 damage, 792m/s velocity, 5% chance of fire
AP Shell: 2100 damage,792m/s velocity, Normalization -8 degree
Torpedo Armament
Quad 533mm Mk15 mod.3 (2×4)
Damage: 16633
Speed: 55 knots
Range: 9.2 km
Reload time: 98 seconds
Far: 90 damage, Range 5 km
Middle: 79 damage, Range 3.5 km
Near: 40 damage, Range 2 km
(Estimated values)
*The USS Flint will be awarded to those who have both the Jolly Roger flags from previous seasons and reaches rank 1 in Season 4, Jolly Roger II will be exchanged for the USS Flint*