Sandbox: Ghost Shells

Someone sent me those hilarious videos on the TAP e-mail. See for yourselves how good Sandbox really is!


27 thoughts on “Sandbox: Ghost Shells

  1. :))) hilarious. Altough I bet they will say :”they are no ghost shells. Learn to aim and recognize a bounce/non-pen when you see one” . Or maybe this is WG’s new idea of reballancing gold shells? That would make sense.

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    1. to quote a friend:”In soviet Russia there are no fuck-ups. Everything is working as intended. What you see, is our latest genial idea for rebalancing gold shells and OP tanks. you like it?” :)))
      BTW, the delayed renders should be looked at as well, they are a real pain in the neck , for quite some time now.

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      1. Delayed renders as in the enemy pops out behind a rock and shoots you before you spot him?
        Even through you spotted him before he shot previously. Been there, done that.


            1. No no, what you are saying is something else. Spotting check means how often will check if you spot tanks – basically what Hi Jack described, if someone times it right, he can peak from behind ridgeline/rock, fire and get spotted after he is back behind the ridgeline/rock.

              Can what you are saying be described as tanks on the long range moving kind of bumpy/laggy? Like they do not move smoothly but jump by a few meters? If yes, I don’t really know what that is, but it’s not spotting check problem.


    1. So far i played a handful of games on the sandbox server and i had 3 ghosts shells on a t54lwt that was 30 meters away, plus the 183 that was backing me up had a ghost shell on him also.Just dont robert,dont….


  2. I got access to sandbox – I play from USA – east coast. On US East, I get 30 ping all the time, On the normal test server, I usually get 100-130 ping. On Sandbox, 160-230. GG WG. It’s basically unplayable with the stuttering. There were also only 260 people online across both sandbox servers (so much for 5K online at all times)

    They have also managed to destroy pretty much every tank at tier 10. Batchat – not worth it. It has a 37 sec reload to do only 1200 clip dmg. Oh, and it does 45 everywhere. The accuracy is still garbage and the time between shells is still almost three seconds. Leo is dead too – 45 KPH ? The fuck ?

    Oh and arty ? If it were possible, they made it MORE annoying – now not only can it do 300-600 dmg to you, it can suppress your crew ! If they get a direct hit, you can be suppressed for 30-40 seconds – and as soon as you recover, BAM, suppressed again.

    I like the changes to pen overall – I feel like it helped tanks with good armor out quite a bit, but that is literally the only change on sandbox that is any good IMO.

    I already basically don’t play WoT anymore – the arty balancing me 24/7 really put me off. If these changes go through, WG WILL lose another huge chunk of their player base and probably kill the game – at least on NA where sever pop is already nose diving.

    IMO, you should just remove arty (I know) at least for the time being until they can figure out a use for it (the trash would be fine with me). Then get rid of the current class system and shift towards what they had on WOT EU yesterday – define the roles for the players better. I like the changes they have made to AP – so I say keep those, but they need to cap gold ammo at 10-15% of your total load out.

    I know this is just going to be seen as another whine thread and “oh it’s all just speculative and pre-pre alpha” etc etc, but in my experience, this is EXACTLY the kind of retarded shit WG would implement.

    I’ll keep playing on Sandbox, and posting on those forums, but I don’t hold out too much hope – the amount of people saying they love the changes is astonishing.

    Back to Battlefield for me



  3. I watched the first one, he puts the centre of his reticule pretty much right at the top of the enemy tank, a third of his aim circle is not over the enemy at all. With the new shot distribution that gives him a 30% chance of missing.

    That’s all it is, no ghost shell. Move along.


    1. Please. Play the first video where he’s shooting at arty at .25 speed. 1st, 3rd and 4th shots definitely go straight at it. 2nd probably too but it goes a bit low so there is a possibilty of it missing.


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