WoWS: live > 0.5.7 PT #1 data changes

Thanks to Redditor Vaexa

Smallish patch. Thank fuck, because boy am I rushing to get these out before I sleep. If I missed anything, I’ll double check tomorrow morning and edit anything I missed in, but I’m fairly sure I got all of it. The module lists were a pain in the ass in particular, so if I listed anything under the wrong slot or whatever poke me and I’ll fix it asap.

Balance changes

Slot 1:

  • Primary/torpedo HP mod combined into one mod
  • Secondary/AA HP mod combiend into one mod
  • Powder magazine mod added: reduces chance of detonation by 70%
  • Guidance mod 0 added: -40% main gun dispersion, +20% secondary range, -40% secondary dispersion, +20% primary turret turn rate, +20% torpedo tubes turn rate (only available on Japanese premium cruisers with a main gun caliber of 140mm or below)

Slot 2:

  • USN main battery range mod: +5% secondary range and -5% secondary dispersion added
  • Torpedo mod removed
  • Main battery mod 2: Reload time debuff changed from 10% to 5%
  • Main battery dispersion mod: +5% secondary ranged and -5% secondary dispersion added, +20% torpedo tubes traverse speed added

Slot 3 (for tier 10)

  • Main battery mod 3: turret turn rate debuff changed from 17% to 13%
  • AA guns modification 3: DPS bonus changed from 20% to 25%
  • Main battery dispersion mod: dispersion bonus changed from 7% to 11% (ony available on Iowa and Montana)

Slot 4:

  • Propulsion mod 2: acceleration bonus changed from 20% to 50%, 50% deceleration bonus added, 140% speed boost max speed added

Ship changes

  • Tier 6 US battleship Arizona added
  • Tier 7 ARP cruiser Ashigara added
  • Myogi: C turret vertical angles changed
  • Section HP pools and armor models changed for every destroyer in the game
  • IJN DP secondary turret armor models changed

Consumable changes:

  • Speed boost consumable max boost changed from 15 knots to 10 knots

Text changes

  • More strings rephrased, again
  • Additional commander names added for every nation
  • Strings added for new spectator camera controls