Hearts of Iron IV – Development Diary 59 – D-Day

Hi everyone, todays diary was a bit late because we are all busy with the release, but here we go:
Its a wierd feeling to finally be able to release a game we have poured so much heart, hard work and sweat into over the last few years. A mix of pride in the team and the game and butterflies in your stomach as the assault ships close in on the beaches of Normandie.
The weather finally seems to hold up and we expect to make landing on the evening of June 6th after long preparations. You can join us in the Higgins boats for the last stretch up the beach as we will be streaming the game 15:00-19:00 CEST and have most of the team come by to answer questions and hang out.
To best prepare to meet the German pillboxes and other obstacles we recommend checking out these briefings from Jake: (Seb: I will just put in the ones not yet shared on TAP)

There are also some After Action Reports from some of our betas to read here:
And finally, lots of streams and videos out there now so make sure to check those out!
See you in streams and next friday when I expect we will be talking about how the release went!
@Sideburnout sorted out an extra wallpaper as well, enjoy: