Even more Murazor Q&A – 12th May 2016

Vlad is back in business. However, he is pretty busy, so expect to see only the most crucial info on TAP for now.

 – question about “useless” achievements, which are hard or even f**king hard to get, like “Expert” and “Senior tech. engineer”, will there be some rewards for such achievements? – there are ideas about bonuses for achievements;
– will the concept of artillery be changed altogether? – will be changed to become less toxic and more predictable;
– will Patton KR be buffed? 240mm APCR against tier 10 isn’t very encouraging; – why don’t we give everyone 300mm penetration?
– is a decrease in prices for premiums to be expected? one could buy an FCM 50t for 2700RUB, but even better would be the new DooM for around 2kRUB… – review of prices is not my concern, a decrease is possible for non-popular tanks, like it was done with the 112;
– do you rent a flat in Cyprus? – I live in a corporate apartment near the [city] center;
– do you have contact to map department? are they even listening to players? they should make city maps! – regarding maps, one of the first mapmakers has returned to the company, there will be advances;
– any marathons on any tanks in this year? – don’t ask me about marathons, these aren’t my concern;
– a question about shell price on FV4202, I think it’s too high since even in matches where I do about 3k damage I only get 40k silver without premium; – I agree about the shell price, however that’s not something to be changed quickly;
– what about IS-6, are you sure nothing was changed? I drove it after a month’s pause, now its ammorack gets critted every battle, even by buggers like 13 75 or MT-25; IS-6 started tanking better after HD rework;
– buff of Panther regarding DPM, viewrange? – everything is now relying on the global rebalance, no specific tanks will be touched except those which suffer very much;
– will there be a feature where repair kit/med kit will be inactive for 3-4min like in WoWS? – there are many ideas regarding this topic;
– about AMX M4 49, will it be introduced as a premium or as a regular tank? – not regular for sure;