WoWS Supertest 0.5.6 News

Thanks to Redditor Tinuva450


  • New Mexico Hull C – some single-mount Oerlikon -[become]-> twin-mount Oerlikon. AA goes to 58/75/60 (outer/mid/inner AA ring, add up for total AA, and check in-game stats for current AA)
  • Cleveland – 127mm DP has 5km range as secondary armament. (was 4km)
  • Colorado Hull C- some single-mount Oerlikon –> twin-mount Oerlikons, some twin-mount Bofors –> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 58/161/133.
  • N. Carolina Hull A – ALL Bofors –> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 151/159/166. 127 DP has 5km range as secondary. (was 4.5km)
  • N. Carolina Hull B – more quad Bofors!. AA goes to 151/239/158. DP buffs.
  • Iowa Hull A – ALL Bofors –> quad-mount Bofors. AA goes to 151/223/76 Max speed goes to 33knot with engine upgrade. DP has 6km range as secondary.
  • Iowa Hull B – more quad Bofors AA goes to 151/286/176. DP and speed buffs.
  • Iowa Hull C – more and more quad Bofors. AA goes to 151/302/195 (a total of 19 quad Bofors installed, historical config. Hurray!). DP and speed buffs.
  • Montana – Get 1 more quad Bofors to surpass Iowa. (20 mounts, was 19, guess where is the new Bofors installed 😉 AA goes to 157/318/194. Maximum speed goes to 30knot. 127mm DP has 6km range as secondary. (was 5km)
  • Ishizuchi – Now she has AA! AA goes to 6/0/0 (go and get your first plane shotdown in Ishizuchi)
  • Myogi Hull C – has more 25mm AA gun installed, and say bye-bye to small caliber AA guns. AA goes to 15/40/0.
  • Kuma Hull B – more AA guns! AA goes to 0/30/5.
  • Furutaka – the old Hull C is her new Hull B, and the new Hull C comes with 3 twin-mount main turrets! (30s/180deg, 36s for single-mount turrets) Reload time is independent from the Hull upgrade, 200mm shell always takes 22s to reload and 203mm takes 15s. AA goes to 20/20/7.
  • Fuso Hull B – more small caliber AA guns! AA goes to 40/14/35.
  • Fuso Hull C – bye-bye small caliber AA guns! AA goes to 40/81/0.
  • Aoba Hull A – now uses the same DP as Furutaka Hull C. AA goes to 20/10/53. She now has more hit point. (30500, was 26300)
  • Aoba Hull B – has more hit point. (31900, was 30500)
  • Nagato Hull B – more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 40/70/0. And she now has turrets with rangefinders!
  • Nagato Hull C – more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 40/188/0.
  • Amagi Hull C – more 25mm AA guns! AA goes to 81/215/0.
  • Hipper – Hull C (new). With powerful AA guns. AA goes to 100/135/53 (See below for her Hull B stats).
  • Roon Hull B – More AA guns! AA goes to 100/165/60. (See below for her Hull A stats).
  • From Hipper Hull B all the way to Hindenburg – HE ammo changed to “203mm L/4.7 Kz.” (2500 13%, was 2300 11%, spam the HE!)
  • U.S.S.R. ships – Global buff to three AA guns. 37mm 70-K AA gun has range increased to 3.2km (was 2km). 37mm 66-K and 37mm 46-K AA gun have range increased to 3.5km (was 3.2km). Check in-game to see who are affected.
  • Moskva – 130mm DP has 6.5km as secondary. (was 5km, U.S.S.R over U.S. indeed, play soviet ships for the win!)


  • Karlsruhe – armor scheme changed.
  • Konigsberg Hull B – removed some AA guns for a new catapult and catapult fighter consumables. AA downs to 24/10/12. Armor scheme changed.
  • Nurnberg – Hull C (new). Removed two torpedo tubes and catapults for additional AA guns. AA goes to 32/60/89. The total research cost is unchanged.
  • Hipper Hull B – ALL 20mm Flak 38 –> 37mm Flak 30. AA downs to 100/55/52 (enhanced mid ring but nerfed inner ring).
  • Hindenburg – ALL 40mm Flak 28 –> 7 new twin-mount 55mm Gerat 58. AA downs to 133/206/72 (but mid ring now has consistent range of 5km, consider it a tweak).


  • Roon Hull A – 37mm Flak LM/42 –> 20mm Flak 38. AA downs to 100/117/30. (enhanced inner ring but nerfed mid ring, consider it a nerf).
  • Japanese ships – Global nerf to 100mm DP. It lost 36% of its original AA strength. (13.3dps each mount, was 20.8). (Zao, Ibuki, Taiho and Hakuryu are affected, do your math to see how bad the nerf is).