Murazor Q&A – 9th May 2016

Thank you Vlad.

 – what about Panther 88, any plans about it, and about “new” and old premiums (regarding buffs/nerfs)? – yes, Panther 88 is being looked at;
– what about confrontation, will it come back? – maybe in the future, when balancing is done;
– any plans regarding the Type 59? – not at the moment;
– regarding global rebalance, any deadlines or current status? – no deadlines yet;
– is WG really working that slowly or does it just look like it from the outside? – many processes are quite ineffective, this is a management problem;
– what about KV-5, any buffs here? – the plans regarding the KV-5 aren’t quite finished yet;
– what about Chinese tanks, why aren’t the top tiers buffed? – 113 and 121 were buffed recently;
– is WG really making WoT 2? they should work on 1 first…; – this is done by separate teams;
– Malinovka, Prokhorovka, Westfield, Redshire – will be removed when? – no such plans yet;
– will Czechs also be nerfed to death as was the T22? – no decision on Czechs yet, but my opinion is that tier 9-10 should be a bit nerfed, tier 8 slightly buffed;
– why can’t you give the Löwe the Tiger DPM, it has no mobility anyway, gets penned, and isn’t even damaging much; – will be regarded during global rebalance;
– will the APCR of 88 L/56 be buffed from 171 to 191? – not in 9.15;
– what do you think of Patton 59, but look at the new charactersitics first!; – considering that tier 8 MT are suffering anyway, 59Patton is doing okay;
– will you travel to Russia for any events (e.g. Igromir)? – maybe for Igromir, but not certain yet;
– Murazor, are you being fed too well? when will you come back to Russia? – I’ll live in Cyprus for a few years;
– can I sell an account through you? T-34, IS-7, IS-4, BatChat, 10k, 52%+? – I’ll ask Kislyi tomorrow, let’s see what he says;