Circon’s Upcoming Tanks Review

The old supertested tanks are now in the testing phase, and this is Circonflexes’s opinion on them:

AMX M4 Mle. 49 – Really slow, it should go 40, but didn’t really tend to hit that. It’s the AMX 50 100 gun without autoloader, so 300 dmg per shot with high AP pen. Armor didn’t really hold out. (Turret should be okay tho, but again, only played 2 games)

KV4 KTTS That didn’t buy a turret – Actually faster then it looks, armour was decent, but like the T28Prot at tier 7 with its armour layout, so frontal was good but 200+ will shoot trough your front like butter. Really good at sidescraping with 125MM side armour, but surprisingly, only on 1 side. Go go paint skills:

So the gun traverse is REALLY good but ONLY on one side. Don’t know if this was a bug or not, but this was really crazy.

Did not play the pz3 with pz4 turret (Seb: Pz. III Ausf. K), but it was stat wise, very similar to the T-25, better gun handling, but less speed, hp, traverse.

Also played the T-44-100 but that is apparently a RU only tank, that you get with some kind of phone(?!) bundle (if i remember correctly.) Basically a T44, just looked more bad ass with the sideskirts.

Didn’t hear about potential releases for all of these tanks except the t-44-100 btw.