WoWS Q&A – 30th April 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet and Babykim.

1. Since the nerf to 25mm AA guns, IJN BB’s have a hard time shooting down planes. Is there a chance you will change this situation?

A. We plan to improve AA on several IJN BB’s. They won’t be as effective as their US counterparts at shooting down planes, but they will stand a better chance than today.

2. Have you considered adding night battles? You could also add spotlights and tracer shells to that end.

A. We already considered this. However, we currently see night battles as visual effects only. We’re not ready to experiment with a day/night cycle which would affect the gameplay. For now, we still need to work on weather effects.

3. I saw you’re adding a lot of information to the port, such as initial velocity. Would you consider adding detection penalty according to a chosen preset?

A. In patch 0.5.6, we plan to add more information in the port characteristics and also show effective detection ranges on the minimap (players will be able to choose which radia they want to show).

1. Why are Tashkent’s stock and top hulls mixed up? The 76mm turret was added after her modernization whereas in game, the turret is on the stock hull and not on the top one.

A. The stock hull on the in-game Tashkent is the historical “top” hull, and our top hull is how we think she would look like after a second modernization.

2. Why does the 76mm guns on Tashkent and Kiev do so little damage? 3dps is ridiculous.

A. The values shown are the total of all the guns of the same type installed on the ship. On Tashkent, there is only one such gun, hence its low damage. On the other hand, these guns have about the same performance as many other secondary batteries (when taking into consideration only one battery). The advantage of this gun is that it has a relatively long range.

3. I noticed there are a lot of ships from early 1900’s that are missing, including from World War I. Do you plan to add more ships from that era?

A. The period you’re speaking of is full of wonderful and interesting ships. However, they wouldn’t be ideal for our entry level. Thus, we don’t plan to change anything in that regard. Those ships may be “slipped” into the game from time to time but nothing more.

4. Please explain what is going on with Tone. Will she have a unique gameplay due to her many planes or will she just be another cruiser with only one floatplane? Can we expect her to be released this year?

A. Currently, I can’t explain anything. Her gameplay is shaping to be complex; at the moment, we don’t have a clear understanding what to do with the ship; we’re not working actively on its development.

5. Do rear gunners fire on planes they fly by or do they only shoot at planes attacking them?

A. Rear gunners only shoot at planes attacking them. So, they don’t bring any cover fire.

According to getfun, the developers on the RU forum:

1. argue that the premium cruiser USS Portland will likely be higher than tier 8

2. strongly hint at the premium cruiser USS Indianapolis coming with the 2016 movie featuring Nicolas Cage:…72?ref_=tt_ov_i

3. about to announce a world-wide competition for the best reticle design. The winner’s reticle will be included in the client, and the winner rewarded.