Q&A 30.04.2016 – supplementary to yesterday

Hello everyone, I guess it’s time for some greetings from behind the curtains. Vlad here, your humble translator who does all of the work and gets none of the credit 😀

Seb and I decided to now give me posting rights to streamline the translation/posting process a bit. I’ll do my best to provide information ASAP, this however usually can come at the cost of information being withdrawn or multiple posts being made about the same topic, since the information came in bits. I hope you all understand.

Now, let’s jump into it, shall we? (P.S.: whoever finds typos can sell them on ebay)

– a tank carousel with multiple rows is missing; – will come;
– I like all the novelties, except for the penalty for solo players; – there are no penalties;
– if I see correctly, a bonus will be received by all platoon members depending on the vehicle tier, and a platoon of MT9 + LT8 would be considered as a non-eligible platoon? – yes, you understood correctly;
– what happens for example to a platoon of 1+4+4 (tiers)? any percentages on this? – nothing happens, the difference is not more than 3 tiers, but no bonus because there are tanks of a different tier;
– about the cap indicator (number of players): black numbers merge with the environment, you should use white only; – and white does not? there are also white backgrounds, you know?
– so, what about the T54 Light now? – nothing, believe me, the changes were cancelled altogether, no parameters will be changed;
– when the switch to the new engine happens, will it be called Kore? or did the switch happen already? – there’s not quite a complete switch, it’s more like we change it gradually, the final changes should happen during the next two patches;
– what about the client weight (size)? will it become smaller? – sadly, no, there won’t be less content – by the way, you can clean the contents of the “Update” folder without problems;
– does the improved render work only on DX11 or on DX9 too? – unsure, has to be clarified;
– any penalties for bot usage? – yes: bans;
– will the Pz V/IV have battle tiers 5-7? – no, reduced ones;
– what about the E-25? it’s clear that it is imbalanced! – according to statistics, it isn’t that imbalanced, and it’s also a premium vehicle;
– why the discrimination against solo players? – no discrimination, bonus XP will only be received by tanks of the same tier in a platoon;
– what about penalties for AFK’ers? – they get penalties for a long time already;
– what gun is mostly used on the Japanese O-Ho? – I don’t have such information right now;