Bonus Q&A – 26th April 2016

Note: We remind you that the test for the 9.15 patch will come on 28-29 April (estimate).

– will turning of TD’s be adjusted so it resembles the turning of normal tanks more? – no such plans;
– any gameplay novelties, except for rebalance and arty? – not in 9.15;
– is the T-22 really that outstanding that it has to be nerfed to death? – sadly, yes;
– could you please stop writing about the “excellent armor protection” of the T22? this piece of shit gets penetrated through the front while angled; – its tanking capability is at least 2 times higher than any other tier 10 MT;
– I didn’t see shell velocity in the new extended tank’s stats; – not all info is added yet, but I think this wasn’t even planned yet;
– why exactly was the hole under the tank in the hangar covered? – I don’t know myself;
– Polish tanks in this patch? – no;