WoWS Q&A #2 – 21st April 2016

Sorry Wookie for posting it like this, I know it really annoys you 😛

Thanks to Babykim, EU.

Here is a summary of a video by the z1ooo, the second guy who payed visit to the studio and talked to game developers. I am keeping things shorter, because there is a big overlap with my post above. Most interesting new information is in blue.


0.5.4 has problems, which cannot be corrected in 0.5.5 but in 0.5.6 / 0.5.7

Remember the temporary disappearance of citadel hits in 0.5.1? This occurred because part of the relevant information was in the client and needed to be updated. This took four days to solve and correct.

Transition to Direct X11 will take place, making much better graphics possible.

Production cycle:
The developers invision the following production cycle for updates
3 weeks of development
3 weeks of testing
3 weeks of gaming
A minimum of micro-patching

Really awesome changes are coming in 0.5.6

Two types of CV interface are under development, basic one for noobs and a much more advanced one for the experienced players.

The developers are well aware that with a bit of effort anyone can become good in a relatively short time. Measures to increase the variability of gameplay are constantly being discussed to keep things interesting for more experienced players.

Single torpedo fire is being tested.

Gold unification is coming soon. A reliable technical solution can be implemented. (I guess, it was never a priority)