9.15 Supertest Patchnotes

Seb: T-22 was nerfed! O-I and O-I Exp were nerfed too.

Link to more details about Physics and Sound: LINK

Adjustments to Premium Vehicles

We’re planning to make adjustments to the characteristics of a number of premium vehicles. While selecting which vehicles to upgrade, we sought to improve their technical characteristics without making them overpowered, and also kept player satisfaction and user-friendliness in mind.

Most of the changes have been made to tanks that were added to the game a long time ago, so that they will be able to fight evenly in today’s random battles. We also took note to not radically change the gameplay of any vehicle, so that vehicles will generally feel familiar despite the changes made to them.

The following premium tanks will be updated to be more competitive in today’s random battles:

  • A-32: Upgraded penetration, accuracy, and muzzle velocity.
  • Pz. Kpfw. V/IV: Will no longer see Tier VII battles, and was moved from Tier VI to Tier V. Improved gun stabilisation and accuracy.

The following premium vehicles will be updated for ease of use in battle:

  • T95E6: Improved terrain crossing capacity; reduced aim time; improved gun accuracy
  • T95E2: Improved stablisation and accuracy on the move; improved view range; shortened aim time; improved view range to 400m (top of its tier)
  • M56: Improved mobility and reverse speed. The M56 can now move around more actively on the map, and has reduced aim time. It can now roll out from behind cover, take a shot, and quickly run back behind cover.
  • Heavy Tank No. VI: Upgraded standard shell penetration. It is now a Tier VI heavy tank with excellent damage per minute and a large HP pool. It can now penetrate Tier VIII vehicles from the front by hitting their weak spots.
  • STA-2: The STA-2 now plays more like the STA-1. However, it has become a bit more of a support tank. Penetration is increased, but damage per minute has been decreased. It will shoot less often, but the chance of a penetrating hit will be a little higher.
  • Kanonenjagdpanzer: This is now a mobile TD with low alpha damage and excellent penetration. Decreased stabilisation on the move, which in turn decreases effectiveness of firing on the move. Improve aiming time, penetration, and muzzle velocity. This vehicle is now more suited to quickly finding a good position and firing from there.

  • 112: The main difference between this tank and the WZ-111 is the frequent occurrence of fires due to the internal arrangement of the tank’s modules. The 112’s fuel tank will now be moved away from the frontal armour, where it was previously easily penetrated and set ablaze. This can potentially reduce the occurrence of fires in this tank.
  • 59-Patton: Improved firepower and aiming parameters; improved view range; improved reverse speed. This vehicle can now make use of its high damage per minute and improved mobility to quickly destroy enemy vehicles by aiming at their weak points. The improved mobility will also increase its survivability.
  • Škoda T 40:  Amendments are similar to those of Heavy Tank No. VI.

The T-22 medium will see many changes to its statistics.

The T-22 med. is a multipurpose vehicle that has all the striking features of Soviet medium tanks, and outstanding armour due to its special hull design. All these features have caused the T-22 medium to outperfom its peers, so it was decided to review the performance characteristics of this vehicle to make its performance more comparable to researchable Tier X medium tanks.

The T-22 med. will retain its excellent armour, and the players who earned it will remain owners of a powerful and unique combat vehicle.

Here is a preliminary list of changes:

  • Decreased mobility due to deterioration of resistance on all types of soil;
  • Increased aiming time from 1.9s to 2.2s
  • Decreased accuracy from 0.33 to 0.36
  • Increase of impact of the turret traverse on gun dispersion from 0.08 to 0.1
  • Increase of impact of the chassis traverse on gun dispersion from 0.08 to 0.1
  • Decreased turret traverse speed from 48 deg/s to 40 deg/s.

These characteristics may see further changes, depending on the results of testing.


Adjustments to Researchable Vehicles

Japanese Tanks

In the Japanese tech tree there is an evident bias regarding vehicles popularity. The vast majority of players are concentrated on the medium tiers, from V to VI.

Also, these tanks are significantly distinguished by their combat effectiveness against their peers from other branches. To resolve this situation, it was decided to make changes to vehicle characteristics in order to balance the combat capabilities of Tier VI heavy tanks.

At the same time, Tier III and IV tanks were a little weaker than their peers, so the changes to vehicle characteristics were generally made to improve the tanks’ combat capabilities.

  • Type 91 Heavy: Improved aiming and stabilisation paramters; improved damage per minute.
  • Type 95 Heavy: Improved firepower and survivability of the vehicle.
  • O-I Experimental: Changes were made to this vehicle to make it perform similarly to other heavy tanks of the same Tier in combat. The O-I Exp. will still be able to rush forward, “tanking” damage, but the adjusted aiming parameters will cause O-I Exp. commanders to spend a little more time aiming before firing.
  • O-I: Similar to the O-I Experimental, the changes will make the O-I’s combat effectiveness approximately equal to its peers. The main changes to this vehicle are related to the gun’s aiming and stabilisation parameters.

British Tank Destroyers

  • Achilles: Improved aiming parameters and increased damage per minute. This TD will now be better able to hunt and destroy enemy vehicles.
  • Challenger: Improved aiming parameters and increased damage per minute. This TD will now be better able to hunt and destroy enemy vehicles.

Soviet Light Tanks

  • T-54 ltwt.: This vehicle stands out among all light tanks for its versatility: the vehicle is equally capable of effectively dealing damage, spotting, and even “tanking” enemy fires. In Update 9.15, changes will be made to aiming parameters damage per minute to be more in line with other Tier VIII light tanks.

Nerfed tanks




Link to buffed tanks (scroll down to the tech-tree like thing then hover your mouse over it):