WoWS Q&A – 11th April 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet & Kurbain

-Next major update will hopefully be released in late April. If not, beginning of May.

-No plan to increase Iwaki’s gun range.

-Kirov may receive additional changes later.

-Saipan’s stats and flight control modules could still change. Until an official announcement has been made on the portal, nothing is final. [which I find doubtful since it’s release is imminent on the NA server].

The German team KaperKommando which participated in the showmatch against the Dead Admirals Society was able to hold an interview with the Head of the Gameplay Department Andrey Lisak aka “welldone” during the WoT finals.


Here’s the translation:

Question: When can we expect the introduction of a clan module into WOWS? (Not sure if they mean clans in general or if clan modules are something specific)
Answer: Clan modules will definitely be implemented, but they are currently not our number one priority. We are aware that the community is eagerly waiting for this feature in particular. With a bit of luck clans may already be introduced this summer, so please be patient and wait until the clan system is complete. It’s gonna be worth it.

Question: Are World of Warships and World of Tanks clans going to be separate?
Answer: Currently it’s not certain whether this is going to be the case or not.

Question: Is the number of DDs going to be capped?
Answer: We are aware of the current issues regarding DDs and we are watching the situation very carefully. A hasty implementation of a DD cap is not going to happen, though, as it would have a serious impact on gameplay. Our goal is maximizing the amount of fun every player has while playing the game. However, I can assure you that for team and clan battles (no matter what they may look like) this is not going to be an issue. DDs will continue to be capped in those modes.

Question: Is any further balancing of cruisers planned?
Answer: No, at the moment definitely not. We are observing all gameplay statistics and cruisers are meant to distinguish themselves from each other to ensure a certain amount of challenge. Who would enjoy it if they all played the same?

Question: How is World of Warships going to develop in regards to eSports?
Answer: Well, this is not up to us. Of course we are hoping that World of Warships will find and take its place besides World of Tanks. The game definitely has the potential for it and we will continue to develop and promote it. People were able to get a small impression of our visions for WOWS during the WGL Finals 2016.

Question: Will team battles offer rewards in the future?
Answer: Absolutely. We are aware that team battles currently cause more expenses than profits, mainly in regards to flags. A reward system is planned, but not fully developed yet. It’s not going to take much longer until it is implemented, though. There are a lot of things we can image as a reward. The more successful a team is, the better their reward will be.