Storm Q&A – 11th April 2016

Thank you Vlad for translating.

– Mikhail (Storm), what about the T110E4? it’s ammorack is too vulnerable! – what should’ve happened to it, if we didn’t change it at all?;
– i’d like to know some deadlines, will 9.15 come before 9th May (Victory Day) or after it? – it all depends on testing results on the public test;
– we want that you play your own game, not the Ivan and Vlad from QA; that you sit together with SerB and Makarov and Kislyi and drive some thousand battles; – why me, exactly? there is no point in me playing actively;
– i eagerly await that the 3x caliber rule will be at least omitted for heavy tank roofs like IS-4 and T34; – yes, such an idea is present;
– Storm, there are rumors that the Object 268 is to be replaced! why so? – these are some stupid rumors, no such plans are present;
– where is the problem to include all previous fun modes (e.g. 8-bi, races, football etc.) into the game? – it would be difficult to support all these things at once;
– Mikhail, no need in making a global rebalance, you can’t do it 100% and there will be another fail, please start with matchmaker and maps; – matchmaker and maps will come, along with rebalance;
– isn’t it easier to do everything from scratch? or at least not from pure scratch, but at least use the experience of the PS4 team; – no sense in that, there aren’t that much changes and they fit well into the current architecture;
– Mikhail, i have following thought: earlier, when SerB was at the steering wheel (or whoever he was), he didn’t listen to whining players and everything was all right more or less, now every patch is like a hurdle. and now, the global rebalance on basis of player opinions. you should start with smaller things, like the matchmaker. – both things will come, we’re trying our best to make it right;
– many people ask for +-1 balance, because many vehicles suffer if joining higher tier matches. why don’t you implement at least some parameters which depend on battle tier? – most certainly not, this breaks the point of grinding;
– what i want from the rebalance, aside of the buffs/nerfs of certain tanks, is a general solution on medium tanks, since there are just too many tier 10 and also tier 9 in battles; – no comments yet, we’re working on it;
– i’d like a different mechanic for the spall liner so that it cuts artillery damage on non-penetrations by a certain percentage, is this possible? – no difficulties in that;
– TD’s are currently the easiest class to get into, they usually have about 1.5x more damage than MT/HT; – no confirmation of this;
– T22 is a good tank, but not imbalanced;  – sadly, it actually is, judging by statistics;
– there are premiums for (alpha-, beta-, current testers), will there be tanks for creative people (modellers etc.)? or is this group too small to consider? – now this is a first-timer; we didn’t regard anything like this yet, since there were no inquiries and we don’t know anything about the taget audience;
– will there be a rebalance of other non-researchable vehicles? some of them stand out statistics-wise; – yes;
– are there any other imbalanced tanks aside of the T22 in randoms? – there are, we’ll fix them;
– can a feature of a rival game be realized? they have dots in their artillery sight, which show very well where the shell can land; – it’s easier to just implement the “battle assistant”;
– i’m interested in your opinion if the 15th missions for the Object 260 are adequate? – can’t say anything, i’m not an expert in that;
– will the 15th missions for the Object 260 change? – no;
– setting on fire twice? i’m on this since November; – we’ll adjust it a bit;
– there was information that the information for Swedish branch is collected, so the Strv 103 will come (eventually). which gun angles will it have since the gun is basically fixed into the tank? – first, we’ll make some normal Swedish tanks, and then think about some exotics;

random bits:
– matchmaker is being reworked from scratch, no sense to discuss this now;
– 9.15 will contain fixes regarding tipping over;
– newbies are not allowed to get the “Province” map, even the hated “Mittengard” is better for them;

and now, rant courtesy of Storm:
– imho, the parameters of vehicles and game mechanics should be… but stop. we’re on this for 5 years already. Mikhail, please don’t go to Slava. Go to Viktor and ask to assign you 2 hours each day to play the bloody game. how can one explain about parameters and game mechanics to a person who plays 47 battles in a year?
– goddammit people, i am already tired of this… i have a person sitting in from of me who has 40k battles, and another one next to me with the same amount, a third one is nearby with 60k battles. in Minsk, there are some people sitting who have 40-60k battles too.
when i ask these questions, i want to know YOUR opinion on the problem. practice shows that this opinion can vary VERY much. so i want to see the whole extent of these opinions.
it’S not about saving the game, it’s not about my bloody opinion. it’s about YOUR opinion.
maybe we missed something, maybe we look in the wrong direction, maybe an interesting idea slips by unnoticed. these questions and discussions are kind of like a brainstorm. they are always very beneficial, you can’t even imagine to which extent they are. how this expands our narrow developer mind which is quite skewed because we see the game “from the inside”.
i could also put Murazor in my place and do these questions – will you answer him? his battle count is okay, he’s sitting and playing. or do you not want to answer him because of some other reason?
i’m sorry, i kinda blew up here…