World of Warships – Patch Notes

Greetings Captains!
Here’s the rundown on what update brings to the table.
A preview of the Soviet Cruiser line has been added to the Tech Tree!

Please note since this is a preview, you will be currently unable to research/purchase the following ships

Here’s the ships of the Soviet Cruiser Line:

  • Novik – Tier II
  • Bogatyr -Tier III
  • Svetlana – Tier IV
  • Kirov – Tier V
  • Budeny – Tier VI
  • Schors – Tier VII
  • Chapaev – Tier VIII
  • Dmitry Donskoy – Tier IX
  • Moskva – Tier X

Visual changes to the following ships, please note that this DOES NOT change the parameters of the ship!

  • Benson: SC radar replaced with RC2 radar on top hulls
  • Benson: Fixed numbers visuals on starboard of top hulls
  • Kiev and Ognevoi: removed Vimpel 2D (AA radar) from stabilized sighting station
  • Kutuzov: Added life rafts and Shtag B directors to 2nd and 3rd main battery turrets
  • Kutuzov: radar animation changed
  • Kutuzov: Minor visual changes
  • Ranger: texture slightly changed
  • Zao: Catapult’s animation angles slightly changed to remove artifacts where it intersected with geometry of a crane
  • Langley: Minor visual changes
  • Hindenburg: Minor visual changes
  • Turrets: Minor visual changes of turrets on the following ships: Benson, Kamikaze, Udaloy, Tirpitz, Hindenburg, Roon


  • Added two new camos: Type 5 Camo: Gives both bonuses to concealment (3%) and accuracy decrease for enemies that fire at this ship (4%). Type 6 Camo: gives same bonuses as Type 5 and in addition improves the experience earned in battle two times. цена
  • All permanent camos (including Premium ships’ camos) now also give both bonuses for concealment and accuracy decrease.
  • Special camos (Haloween camo, Ranked battles camos, New Year camos) now also give both bonuses for concealment and accuracy decrease *( Permanent camos of upgradable ships now also give additional discount for repair costs (10% for tier 9 ships, 5% for other tier ships) For consistency reasons, some camo titles were changed.

Other changes:

  • Implemented the possibility of issuing special offers for individual players through the port interface. The system is running in test mode
  • Fixed absence of the “loading” (“thinking”) icon after making any action with the team (renaming, etc.)
  • The number of received signals and camouflages now is displayed correctly in system messages
  • Fixed the possibility of the appearance of information screens with tips on functional modules and random battles, if the player has already used them
  • “My Team” button now opens a proper tab, instead of the last open profile tab
  • Fixed an issue that caused active flag install button to be active even if the ship was already locked
  • Fixed an issue, that caused experience bars to overlap portraits of the Arpeggio captains
  • Fixed several bugs with the client files of the game, leading to the emergency shutdown of the client.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused characteristics in the hull tooltip to not take into account bonus from the camouflage, and vice versa – bonus was taken into account, even if camouflage was already removed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the inability to make the first rename of the team for free, if the said team originally was created without a name
  • Fixed an issue, that caused ship movement traces to remain on the water, even if the ship is already sunk
  • Fixed an issue, that caused a black screen when attempting to login to the game
  • Fixed an issue, that caused the Manual Fire Control Perk for AA didn’t work properly in some cases