WoWS TAP Q&A IV – Answered Questions

The TAP Q&A is finally here! I will organize the next session soon.
1.Are there plans to add two different types of premium camouflage for premium ships so that they can be painted to give different bonuses (avoidance or stealth)?
– There are plans to implement a third camo type for credits, which will grant both types of combat bonuses. Moreover, all gold camos should also recieve both bonuses and thus solve the problem of choice once and for all.
2.Are there any plans for purchasable ports or will they be added for free in updates from time to time?
– No plans for paid ports yet.
3.Are you planning on adding marks of excellence(or whatever the warships version is) to the game?
– Yes, this is a good feature. Maybe someday, but not in the near future.
4.What do you think of the current state of Yamato vs Montana? (Yamato performing way better than it’s american counterpart)? Will there be changes?
– Yes, Montana will be slightly buffed in one of the next patches.
5.Will fighters be given an option to carry anti ship rockets with a reduced speed till used?
– There are plans, but that’s a long-term perspective.
6.How about different ammunition in different turrets, a way to load HE in one turret and AP in another?
– We don’t see any sense in this, it would be quite difficult to aim due to different shell ballistics.
7.At high resolutions(4k for example) it is nearly impossible to play because the UI does not scale up, but remains the same amount of pixels, making it appear super small, are there any plans to address this?
– The problem is solvable, the interface department is working on it.
8.What can you tell us about karma? They are the statistics that you can communicate and your conclusions?
– The karma systen is working quite well and we are content with it. We will develop it further, but no details yet.
9.Is there the posibility of adding skills to AA and the minor cannons on ships. Like boosted accuracy, range, or dmg of the guns? Or even better, make AA shoot torpedoes with low accuracy? It would help Arkansas/Albany and so on.
– The last patch brought such skills.
10.Will the ability to manual drop 6 torpedoes 500m next to a BB to instakill it (because it is a BB and cannot evade in time) ever be nerfed/adjusted? Especially in high tiers where you can drop 8 or 12 torpedoes…
– A BB can adjust it’s course beforehand and use it’s own AA and the one of it’s allies to thin out the planes. We are content with the current state.
11.We know we will see more ARP ships when it will be declared a success. Will we ever see a ARP Yamato?
– Watch the news.

12. Do you see the PVE Co-op mode as a training ground to test the ships or to grind stock ships to unlock/equip better modules?
– The co-op mode has many sides to it, everyone can see it how he wants.
13.Is ranked matchmaking actually random or somehow based off of a players stats?
– The matchmaking orients itself only on the player’s rank and league.
14.Will ammo or repair costs be exempted from PvE mode like in Armored Warfare (consumables still cost)?
– No such plans. What for?
15. Is it possible to just add incomplete lines if there are no suitable ships to fill a certain tier? Like Armored Warfare does with tanks?
– Sooner or later there will be incomplete branches. We don’t exclude such a possibility.
16. Instead of nerfing jet airraft speed, why not give Midway and those ships propeller aircraft?
– Already done in 0.5.3.
17. Sweden can make a destroyer line. Can we expect this before or after initial British, French and Italian trees?
– Watch the news.
18. are there any plans for another Kamikaze R style mission in the future because its surprisingly enjoyable to complete these tasks and get a ship as a reward „smile“-Emoticon (much more fun in my opinion than wots personal missions which are so grindy and inconsistent)
– There are plans. “Project R” was only a first part of a big event, there will be a second one. We will implement a bunch of improvements as to launch an even better event next time.
19.Any news about the Tone?
– An interesting ship with interesting possibilities. It’s currently being actively considered.
20.Would you ever consider features from other navy games like Navyfield or Steel Ocean?
– We have our own game, although in a similar setting. We do study and consider the experience of our colleagues, however during development we focus on our own ideas and player feedback.
21.Would you be able to share an approximate number of players playing wows worldwide?
– There are 6 million players worldwide.
22. What do you think about the Wows Playerbase? Substantial, growing ?
– The amount is gradually falling, then sharply growing after a patch and then declining again. The current situation suits us, ew’ll try to enlarge the playerbase if possible.
23. Any thoughts about a second IJN and US CV line?
– Watch the news.
24. What’s the future plans for CVs?
– Nothing specific yet.
25. Any more maps in planning? Maybe Gibraltar Straight, Halong Bay or Bay of Leyte style?
– New maps are constantly in development. Nothing specific about the mentioned ones.
26. The so called “Reichkriegsflagge” is in the flag.dss file and also mapped via the flags.atlas file in the same directory. (on the picture alongside the current germany flag /files/justpaste/d281/a10961526/i8x9n90.jpg). Why is it in the client if you are saying that you don’t want to add it?
– This flag sometime appeared in one of our gameplay videos, but we decided not to implement it.
27.Regarding the “Reichkriegsflagge”: Could we achive some sort of compromise where you still deliver the game without it but letting the users modify the flags more freely because you copied the current germany flag over the other 2 existing ones that are not used and change the variables for the ships that are affected like Emden, Dresden and so on?
 – Modifications oftentimes help to resolve problems with preferred flags.
28. In the dev bulletin about the next major Patch 0.5.3 you were talking about that you will be able to fight against undesirable mods more effectively. Which mods are “undesirable” except aim assist mods that are of course undesirable?
– Nice try 😉 We won’t do any advertisement.
29. Couldn’t you just add basic tutorials plus several advanced ones and nerf the OP sealclub ships (Umikaze, Wakatake, damn St Louis,..) that ruin the newb experience instead?
– We are working on this.
30. Could the current game engine support VERY big maps “à la Planetside 2”, where flotillas would fight for territories, assault islands with amphibious landings to take their control and benefit from their airports/ports/fortifications/respawn bases, etc… ?
– The current iteration of the engine cannot do this, but there is a possibility. If a need for this comes up, we could implement such a map. But the problem lies with the ship models. To draw all polygons, “super graphic cards” are needed.
31: Could the Katori be able to use it’s plane? That would be cool, even if it was useless.
– It will be able.
32: Sims buffs were welcome, but it’s still awfully supbar. Any plans to buff it again and make it as good as Blyskawica/bring it closer of its former glory? (better shell speed, hp, turret hp,…) Or even to downtier it with a compensation?
– The ship is in need of a rebalance, but for now we are watching the statistics.
33: Changes in 0.5.3 will globally buff some ships’ AA and nerf others. Moreover, a lot of cruisers will lose the AFT skill range bonus. Are they plans to compensate those changes, the way you did for Albany and Kutuzov? Especially for what concerns premiums ships, which shouldn’t be nerfed according to WG policy (Yubari, Murmansk and maybe Warspite’s AA, etc…).
– A nerf will be compensated accordingly.
34.Will there be an American Premium that can be used for leveling the captain?
Two American premium BB’s will come in the near future.
35.Will there be at least one italian and french premium ship during 2016?
– Watch the news.
36. Will the WoWs game client will be localized in other languages lilke WoT and WoWp in the near future?
– Yes, sooner or later.
37. When (if ever) can we mod the Python scripts?
– The question is being discussed.
38- Are there plans for the Devs at the St.Petersburg office to interact with more players from outside Russia than just Russian players only? (p.s: the Community Managers from NA&EU are doing mediocore job on keeping communicating with players)
– We are satisfied with the work of foreign departments regarding the community. (TN: are you serious…?)
39- Will there be major upgrades to the BigWorld game engine this year to enable more game features such as destructible land objects ,weathers…etc?
– Weather will come soon, destructible objects less so. The engine will be improved if needed.
40-Do the Devs have any confidences on making the game a little little little bit more complex (not asking for War Thunder like complexity) ?Currently,many of the game mechanics are too simplified , ex; aiming,damage control party mechanics,AA mechanics ….etc.
– The game will develop and be improved, there will be more possibilities someday.
41-.Its confirmed the RU cruisers,Germany BBs and RN cruisers will be released this year.Are there plans to introduce more branches other than the mentioned ones this year?
– Watch the news.
42-Do the Devs have any alternative plans to replace the very restricted and game breaking of the current CV load out system?
– Not right now.
43-Any ETA info of AP bomb for CV DBs this year ?
– No decision yet.