Object 268 Version 5 HD Renders

Stats & Pictures link: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/02/19/supertest-object-268-option-5-stats-pictures/


6 thoughts on “Object 268 Version 5 HD Renders

  1. Meeeeh!
    Gorgeous HD model or not, this is still just yet another clone.
    Maybe finish turning all existing tanks into HD models before adding more Soviet hovertanks and other clones like them.



  2. So what is the opinion on RU cluster about current CCCP Td’s?

    Stats wise 268 is trash and 263 is average for a TD (in other words still shit).

    Maybe this 268 v5 is going to be a side unlock from 122-54 or 704, so soviet TD tech tree have sth viable for current meta?

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      1. I really hope WG decides to make this replace the 268 (or just become a side branch as suggested by IRSanchez), and considering how they’re trying to apologize for their previous mistakes, making it a CW tank would be a pretty bad move. Still, too early to say, at least for me.

        (For that matter, they could make an mini turreted-TD line starting from tier 5 or 6 with this as the tier 10, but that’s an entirely different matter)


  3. That’s a triangulation device on the cupola right? Dont usually see that on russian tanks in wot. Smexy looking HD model (`ω´ )


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