AMX 13 75, T1E6, E-50M, T82 HMC, Panther, Wespe, D.W.2, T-46, Crusader & A-44 Possible HD Renders

In the words of the author:

Mesh/Normals were provided by Wargaming.NET. My task was to texture these tanks utilizing the first gen Quixel Suite.
World of Tanks

AMX 13 75


trung-dang-a74-t1-e6-02 trung-dang-a74-t1-e6-01

E 50 Mtrung-dang-g73-e50-ausf-m-01 trung-dang-g73-e50-ausf-m-02

T82 HMCtrung-dang-a27-t82-02 trung-dang-a27-t82-01

Panthertrung-dang-g85-auf-panther-01 trung-dang-g85-auf-panther-02

Wespetrung-dang-g19-wespe-01 trung-dang-g19-wespe-02

DW IItrung-dang-g90-dw-ii-01 trung-dang-g90-dw-ii-02

T-46trung-dang-r22-t-46-01 trung-dang-r22-t-46-02

A-44trung-dang-r59-a44-01 trung-dang-r59-a44-02